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One of the mistakes that many entrepreneurs tend to make when they are interviewing for staff in their business says Edmonton bookkeeping is in the questions. If entrepreneurs think that they can end up with better employees if they could ask better questions, the spend more time thinking of questions than they should. In fact, it is not about which questions to ask in the interview that helps a business owner end up with the right staff. It is about meeting the right number of candidates, so that the entrepreneur can find the right one that fits in.

Not only should entrepreneurs not worry about what questions to ask in the interview, but they also should avoid shortlisting resumes as well. It is almost impossible for an entrepreneur to figure out who would be a good fit for their company simply by looking at a resume. Therefore, Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that instead of trying to figure out which few candidates to meet, that entrepreneurs hold the group interview and meet them all.

Entrepreneurs should be meeting about 100 people in order to meet the right one person for their business, and in a traditional interview setting that is going to be very difficult. Especially since entrepreneurs are extremely busy people, they need to be able to meet as many candidates as possible in a short amount of time. Therefore, group interviews are an efficient way that business owners can maximize the number of people that they are meeting at a time. It can be possible for an entrepreneur to meet hundred people in one month while doing group interviews.

Rather than trying to figure out the best interview questions to ask, Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that entrepreneurs craft a well-written add that will allow them to eliminate a lot of the questions that they will need to ask in the interview. Also, they recommend reading out the ad prior to starting the interview just so that all the candidates know that there in the right place, and are refreshed on the job that they are interviewing for is.

In addition to reading out the job interview, business owners should also ask candidates to bring a copy of common questions to the interview. That way, an entrepreneur can avoid asking a similar question to every candidate in the interview. But that also does, is it eliminates people that have a difficult time following directions. These questions can pertain to the amount of experience they have, what computer programs they have, what education they have. Never questions an entrepreneur needs to have answer to ensure that they are qualified to do the job are important here.

By holding group interviews and meeting many more candidates, an entrepreneur is much more likely to meet the right fit for their business. Especially since many people either embellish or outright lie on their resumes, it is a good way to ensure that business owners are not discounting some candidates based on this information. By meeting many more candidates, and liking them prior to reading their resume, business owners can end up with the right fit for their business.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Interview Questions

Rather than stressing over all of the questions to ask in an interview, Edmonton bookkeeping says business owners only need to ask a single question during a group interview. Matter how great of interview questions that an entrepreneur can think up, it is not true that by asking better or more interesting interview questions, an entrepreneur is going to end up with better staff. The key is actually meeting the right number of people, so that they can maximize their chances of meeting the best fit for their business.

However, there is one question that entrepreneurs should ask in the interview says Edmonton bookkeeping. There might be several questions that could be a good fit, but the one that they recommend is why the want to work here. The answer that they are looking for is not why do people want that job, not why they want to work at that location if it is close to home, or in a great location. Specifically, the answer that they are looking for is what about the company specifically does that candidate like, and want to work for.

This is actually an important question in being able to build company culture says Edmonton bookkeeping. When they answer the question, it will become clear on which candidates have thought about question, or even did the research about the company. This also will ensure that if they like what the company stands for, or what the company does they are going to be more likely to stay. This means they are not going to leave if they get an offer for another job for a dollar more in our for example. By ensuring that a business owner is filling their business with people that specifically want to be in the company can ensure that their building a team that is going to be passionate about growing the entrepreneurs business.

When an entrepreneur is preparing for their group interview, they should avoid looking at all the resumes prior to inviting people to the group interview. Edmonton bookkeeping says it is far more effective to send everybody who applies an invitation to the group interview. Out of the ones that show up, a business owner should observe them, especially as they answer the question about why they want to be there. Entrepreneurs will only need to look at the resumes of the candidates who answered that question well. Therefore, a business owner can avoid spending countless hours of time prior to the interview reading resumes for people who may not even show up in the first place.

By developing a new way to interview candidates through group interviews says Edmonton bookkeeping, an entrepreneur can maximize the people they meet. Chances are, the more people they meet will mean that they will be able to find the candidate that is going to be the right fit for their business. This a much more efficient way to hire candidates, since entrepreneurs are very short on time in most cases. By being able to build their best team possible in only a few hours a week, an entrepreneur will know that they will always be able to find the best fit for their business.