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The most important reasons that a business owner should increase the positivity in their workplaces Edmonton bookkeeping, is because it can help employees feel valued at work, so that they will stay longer. In fact, industry Canada says that 50% of all businesses failing in Canada, 23% of those businesses say that the reason why they failed was because they were unable to find or keep the right staff. When business owners are able to figure out why staff typically leave their businesses, they will be able to create an environment that can address that issue, and keep staff for longer.

Business owners are often very surprised when they hear that the reason why people typically quit their job, is because they do not like their job, and the biggest reason why they do not like their job is because they do not like their boss. Therefore, business owners have a large role in creating an environment that will help their staff from disliking them.

While some business owners believe the key to avoiding being dislikes is simply avoiding all confrontation and disagreements. However, this is not effective says Edmonton bookkeeping. It is actually a way to ensure that they are going to get manipulated by their staff. Therefore, business owners should not avoid confrontation, because confrontation and disagreements are a normal and healthy part of growing a business.

One thing that a business owner needs to understand, is that employees are going to be happier in workplace when they not only feel respected, but when they also feel respect for their boss. That respect does not necessarily mean that they are going to like them, but respect means that they will work hard for them even despite their personal feelings. And Edmonton bookkeeping says how a business owner is going to create those feelings of respect, is by working hard, and modelling the exact behaviour they would like their employees to display.

How business owner is going to do that, is by writing out a list of the company’s values, and modelling those values consistently. Edmonton bookkeeping says ideally, employees will hear about those values for the first time even before they are hired at the job interview. By hearing those values early on and often, and then seeing that the business owners actually modelling those behaviours, will help inspire an environment of respect. That respect is very important to ensuring that they can work well with the employees and employer, to accomplish the tasks of the business.

When a business owner is able to articulate what the business owner is going to expect of them, having those boundaries, help them be consistent, and know what is expected so that they can start each day knowing what they are going to do. When business owners are able to create this environment, there more likely to keep their employees longer, because they have less likely to have their staff dislike them and quit. By doing this, entrepreneurs will be able to significantly improve how long there able to keep their staff for.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Increasing Positivity In Workplace

One thing that business owners need to keep in mind, is that when employees are motivated, and when they are able to accomplish their goals, Edmonton bookkeeping says they are happy. Therefore, a business owner should consider what they need to do in their business to ensure that employees have goals, and are working to achieve them.

One of the first things that a business owner can do, is to help give employees a reason why they are doing what they are doing. Edmonton bookkeeping says that they needs to understand that not only do employees need to understand what they are doing in the business, and how they are doing it but also, why they are doing it is extremely motivational. Not only is that important, but staff members also will gain a lot of positivity in the workplace by having a purpose. When they know what they are doing has a goal attached to it, will make them much more happy to accomplish their tasks.

Another very important thing that business owners need to keep in mind, is that not only do they need to give their staff a reason to do it, they need to their staff to know that the work that they are doing is actually making a difference to the organization. The reason why says Edmonton bookkeeping, is because success can be very motivating to most people. When people are succeeding, and making a difference in their work, they enjoy their work more. And when employees enjoy what they do, they will be less likely to leave the organization.

Finally, a business owner needs to also understand that staff can derive a lot of motivation and joy from growing and learning themselves. Therefore, Edmonton bookkeeping says it is very important that a business owner needs to ensure that they are providing learning and growth opportunities for their staff as well. They may have to push their staff into take as opportunities, and that push may cause some employees to leave the organization.. Bookkeeping says that should not turn business owners from doing that. In fact, business owners should understand that the worst thing for their business would be for their staff to not take growth opportunities and then not leave.

Therefore, business owners can realize that growth, and accomplishing goals can be a extremely important motivating factor for employees. When they are able to work towards a common goal, make a difference, and grow themselves, Edmonton bookkeeping says they will be less likely to leave the organization. Even though business owners may find that their turnover is higher than expected, they will be able to make it as low as possible by ensuring that their staff are able to be happy, because there able to be effective in their role within the organization. By doing this, business owners will build to keep staff for a long time to come.