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If entrepreneurs do not have a business plan says Edmonton bookkeeping. They may be impacting their ability to succeed in business. However, the better A business plan is, and the better chances an entrepreneur has of not only reaching their goals. But exceeding them and growing their business.

If an entrepreneur does not have a business plan, they may work extremely hard in their business. But not know exactly what they need to do each day. In order to accomplish their goal of growing their business. Therefore, it’s not just creating a business plan. But knowing what to put in it that can make the difference.

Although many entrepreneurs understand that they need to have cash flow projections, a financial plan as well as a marketing plan within their business plan. Edmonton bookkeeping says they may not know some of the finer points that can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of their business plan.

Creating differentiation strategies is an important way that business owners can take their business plan from good to Great. These differentiation strategies are all of the ways that an entrepreneur’s business is different than the competition. So that they can attract their ideal and likely customers. By sending out to the message of why they are different.

These differentiating strategies can be as diverse as the businesses themselves. And can include great big changes to the way the business operates within the industry. Or can be very small things says Edmonton bookkeeping. That ends up making a huge difference to the people who matter the most, who are the customers.

Knowing some examples of differentiation strategies. Can help entrepreneurs come up with the list of their own differentiating strategies for their business. A great example of one is when an entrepreneur decides to change the payment methods or terms that are typically done in their industry.

Some Industries are known for only having a certain number of payment methods available to customers. Such as cash or credit. But an entrepreneur might want to set their business apart from the competition by offering a wide variety of abilities to pay. Such as cash, check, credit or debit. But also including things like Apple pay, PayPal and even cash app just to name a few.

They will appeal to customers who would like to frequent that type of business but have a lot more flexibility in their payment type. I’ve been 10 bookkeeping says that by sending out to this message to their ideal and likely customers. Can attract customers who are specifically looking for that in a business.

The most important thing for an entrepreneur to remember is there is no wrong answer to this. And once they have their list. Edmonton bookkeeping says an entrepreneur can simply go through the list and choose three things that they want to focus on excelling at. So that when they do attract their ideal and likely customers. They will be able to exceed their expectations. Creating repeat customers and great Word of Mouth customers as well.

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Well it’s possible for entrepreneurs to succeed in their business without a plan says Edmonton bookkeeping. They definitely can increase their chances I’m succeeding if they do have a business plan. In fact, with the 50% failure rate of entrepreneurs in Canada. Chances are quite likely that many more entrepreneurs that don’t have a business plan will fail. Over those who do have a plan instead.

However, not all business plans are created equally. And if an entrepreneur wants to increase their chances of success. They can ensure that they work extremely hard on their business plan. Not just creating a financial plan and cash flow projections. But diving deep into their business. And coming up with a marketing plan complete with differentiation strategies.

What a differentiation strategy is says Edmonton bookkeeping. Is how the business is different from its competitors. There can be dozens of different ways that a business is different from the competition. I’m so a business owner should create a list of all of the different ways that they are unique.

And then choose from that list of ways that they are unique to come up with three things that they are going to focus on delivering to an extremely high level of Excellence. These things are going to become their differentiation strategy. And can help them not only identify their ideal and likely customers.

But it’s also going to help them ensure that to they have a consistent marketing message. And know what to tell her customers in order to entice them to use their business over others in the area.

A great differentiation strategy could be something big such as the location of the business. I’ve been 10 bookkeeping says an entrepreneur might be very strategic and where they put their business. Such as ensuring that their business is close to a residential area if they wanted to service residence.

perhaps they have free parking in a location that is difficult to park in. Or they have a business close to Transit, especially if they are trying to appeal to students or seniors for example says Edmonton bookkeeping.

Or, if they want to service business to business, being in a commercial or industrial section of the city can be impactful for their business. Or, an entrepreneur might be incredibly strategic about the way that they locate to their business. Ensuring that they have similar customers in the same area. To increase their instances of customers wanting to get a lot of things accomplished with a single trip.

A great example of this would be a business owner Who wants to open up its Fitness apparel store next door to a gym and a health supplement store. Chances are quite good that they would be able to attract walk-in customers who are already in the area getting their health needs met.