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Trying to learn all of the business’s financial information can be extremely daunting and overwhelming says Edmonton bookkeeping area, however, business owners should learn how to read their interim financial statements is one of their first tasks in their business. The reason for this is because the interim financial statements can help entrepreneurs understand what is going on financially in their business in order to make important financial decisions. The interim financial statements include the balance sheet as well as the income statement. While it is important and necessary for a business owner to review the balance sheet first, it is important that after an entrepreneur understands that report, that the read the income statement and use both together in order to make financial decisions. When they do this, they can ensure they are not only avoiding financial problems, but they’re going to be able to be proactive in their business and grow.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs need to do when they are learning how to read their income statement, is understanding all of the various categories on it. There are three main categories of their income statement, and they are the revenue section, the cost of goods sold section and the expenses section. Edmonton bookkeeping says that all of this information can help an entrepreneur understand how much money their business is making, and the cost it took to generate that revenue so that entrepreneurs can understand if they need to minimize costs, increase braces and how it looks overall with their revenue. Since the balance sheet in their interim financial statement will show an overview of the business finances as it relates to how profitable businesses, the income statement will show an entrepreneur how profitable their business is on a smaller scale. Both reports are important for entrepreneurs to understand in order to be able to get a clear picture of what is going on in their business.

The first thing that entrepreneurs should see when they are looking at their revenue, is that it is broken down into several different income accounts. Edmonton Bookkeeping recommendation is that they have no more than three different income accounts so that it does not become unmanageable. These are for all of the different products or services that an entrepreneur sells. If they only have one main product or service, if there is any way they can categorize it, it can help entrepreneurs understand where there generating the most revenue and the costs associated with each revenue stream.

By understanding how to read their income statement, can help entrepreneurs gain insight into their business which can help them make informed business decisions. Doing this can help entrepreneurs not only avoid problems in their business, but it can help them learn what they need to do in order to become even more successful. Doing this, entrepreneurs can avoid a lot of the reasons that entrepreneurs struggle or go out of business, as well as learn what they need to do in order to grow their business.

Learning how to read an income statement can be very impactful for entrepreneurs says Edmonton bookkeeping. This can help business owners understand where they are making their revenue in their business, and the cost associated with making that revenue. Also, the income statement can help an entrepreneur understand what expenses they have, and if they need to minimize those expenses, or increase their profit in order to pay for those expenses.

The income statement will have all of the revenue streams of the business, and they are also going to have the cost of each of those revenue streams. Edmonton bookkeeping says that the only exception to this rule is for service businesses that will not be generating cost as a way of providing their service. Examples of businesses that will not generate additional costs are bookkeepers, lawyers, and accountants for example. Once these businesses have set up their office and practice, providing the services that they offer does not cost them anything additionally.

When entrepreneurs are looking at the cost of goods sold account, they should have as many accounts as they have income accounts. The reason for this is because this will help entrepreneurs keep track directly of what materials went into which products that were sold. By putting these into different categories, entrepreneurs can see not only were there making their money but how much it is costing them to provide each of those products or services in their business. They may have to minimize some expenses in one place but not in others. That is why it is very important to keep these costs separate.

The last section on their income statement says Edmonton bookkeeping or the expenses. Some entrepreneurs have questions about what the difference is between the cost of goods sold and expenses. The biggest difference between the two is that the cost of goods sold is the exact materials that went directly into producing the product that they have sold. The cost of goods are the direct cost of the business, meaning they directly were in contact with the product. Examples of costs of goods sold are materials and labor. Expenses, on the other hand, are all of the costs that did not directly touch the product. These costs will exist and typically be the same regardless of how many products were sold in business or not. There a cost of doing business and examples of expenses are rent, utilities, and advertising fees.

Helping entrepreneurs understand what an income statement is showing them, can help significantly understand how their business is doing financially, and if they need to make any changes to began more profitable in their business. When used in conjunction with their balance sheet, it can help business owners make important financial decisions in their business from everything to avoiding running out of money to grow their business. If you are in need of our help we hope that you’ll give us a call.