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One thing that entrepreneurs should understand, especially when they start running payroll for the first time in their new business says Edmonton bookkeeping is understood how seriously Canada revenue agency views payroll tax. They consider the money that an entrepreneur withholds and then submits on their behalf to Canada revenue agency as trust fund money, and not for the business owners’ personal use. Therefore, they are very strict when it comes to the deadlines that entrepreneurs must adhere to, as well as the amount that an entrepreneur has to pay. Helping entrepreneurs come up with a plan can help ensure that entrepreneurs are remitting source actions properly.

One of the first things that business owners should keep in mind says him ten bookkeeping, is that Canada revenue agency will be able to know that an entrepreneur is behind on payroll tax at the time they file their T fours. The T fours will contain the information of how much source deductions an entrepreneur should have submitted, and Canada revenue agency will match that against the amount that they have already paid. If the amount does not match, Canada’s revenue agency will send a letter asking the business owner to explain the discrepancy and if they cannot, they will issue a payroll audit.

Many business owners wonder how they can be behind on their payroll tax if they have to submit source deductions by the deadline. As long as an entrepreneur is sending Canada revenue agency money by the fifteenth of the following month after payroll, Canada revenue agency may not discover if it is the wrong amount until the end of the year. Only when an entrepreneur starts missing those filing deadlines, that Canada revenue agency will be alerted to the fact that they are not making payments.

Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners who are submitting the wrong amount every month, they risk being hit with a penalty, however, if business owners find out prior to filing their T fours that they have not remitted enough, they can submit what is left owing by 15 January and then finish their T4 filing. As long as the entrepreneur has remitted the correct amount in total by January 15, they will not get hit with penalties from the Canada revenue agency.

However, if not has missed a deadline, or have remitted the wrong amount, the penalty associated with being late on finances is 20% per day. This is even more expensive than a credit card and should be avoided at all costs.

Entrepreneurs can avoid being hit with penalties and audits by ensuring that there is the correct amount of payroll tax on time every time. With how seriously Canada revenue agency takes this, business owners should ensure that they are creating a plan soon as they start running payroll in their business to avoid running into problems with source deductions and remittances. By learning how to do this consistently, entrepreneurs can ensure that not only are they avoiding problems, but they’re able to stay on top of their payroll, it should will benefit themselves and their employees as well.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | How To Pay Source Deductions Properly

Most entrepreneurs understand how important it is to remit source deductions correctly and on time says Edmonton bookkeeping. However, not all business owners are aware of exactly how seriously Canada revenue agency takes to view this. Business owners should understand that not only is there hi penalty paying the incorrect amount and being late, but business owners also risk triggering a payroll audit as well. In addition to that, Canada’s revenue agency is quite aggressive in collecting money, so business owners should ensure that they are making a plan to collect the correct amount of payroll tax, and submitted on time every month.

If an entrepreneur submits their T fours at the end of the year, and Canada revenue agency sees that they should have paid more, they will send an entrepreneur a letter asking them to explain why they did not submit the right amount. Edmonton bookkeeping says that if an entrepreneur is unable to explain it, this can trigger a payroll audit. Therefore, entrepreneurs should not only ensure that they are collecting the right amount but prior to sending their T fours, check to ensure that they have emitted the correct amount. They have until January 15 every year to the correct amount so that they can avoid underpaying.

If an entrepreneur does the money to Canada revenue agency, in addition to being hit with a 20% penalty, should also be aware that Canada revenue agency is very aggressive in collecting the money that they are owed. They are quite aggressive, because Canada revenue agency considers source deductions as many held in trust, therefore the mismanagement of that money is taken very seriously. It is money that the entrepreneur has collected from their staff in order to give it to the government. If a business owner does not remit the right amount, Canada revenue agency considers the business owner is using the government funds their business.

Because of how aggressively CRA collects the money, Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that entrepreneurs only have one spouse as a director in a business, especially if it is a risky business. That way, if the business owes source deductions that they are having trouble paying, CRA can only come after one spouse for the money. This means they can only take half of the shared assets. If they own a house together, this can protect the house that they live in. Therefore, is very advisable that entrepreneurs protect themselves a case of a payroll issue.

When entrepreneurs understand how seriously Canada revenue agency takes remitting source deductions, entrepreneurs can follow suit and create a plan that will help ensure that there paying the correct amount on time. They master this is in ten bookkeeping, business owners never have to worry about being with penalties, audits or having to pay Canada revenue agency themselves. This is extremely important for business owners to do, so soon as they start running payroll in their business, they should create this plan.