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A very common scenario for small businesses is when an entrepreneur grows large enough to need to hire their first one or two employees says Edmonton bookkeeping. Things are going well, the business is growing, but one day completely unexpectedly, one of the employees gives notice. Now, an entrepreneur is faced with trying to do their job as well as find a replacement for their employee and being unprepared to do so. This is such a common scenario, and most entrepreneurs only using a conventional hiring strategy, which puts them at a disadvantage for when the situation arises in their business.

A much better strategy for entrepreneurs to implement is the group interview strategy, hiring strategy. One of the ways that this is different, is because rather than waiting for an employee to give notice, it has an entrepreneur conducting a weekly group interview, and maximizing the number of people that they are meeting in case the need arises to replace one of their employees. This is very important because an entrepreneur will never truly know when one of their employees is going to give notice even if that employer and employee relationship is great. Employees can get sick, injured, or have a whole series of life circumstances including their spouse getting a transfer, or they are retiring. By incrementing this group interview strategy, will enable an entrepreneur to be prepared for any time this circumstance arises in their business.

Another way that the group interview is different, is because it saves the entrepreneur time from having to read each individual resume, rescheduling in interviews. Instead, Edmonton bookkeeping says that an entrepreneur simply must send an interview invitation to every single applicant that applies. They will ask each applicant to bring a copy of their resume to the interview, if an entrepreneur is interested, then they will read that interview. Not only does this save time, but it allows an entrepreneur to have anywhere between 1 to 2 show up to the group interview, or as many as twenty or more. There is no way that an entrepreneur could be meeting as many as twenty applicants every single week with a conventional interview strategy.

Since statistics say that entrepreneurs should be meeting with a minimum of a hundred people before they find the right fit for their business, that implementing the strategy in their business can allow business owners to the number of people they need to hire the quality of people their business requires.

By implementing a group interview strategy in their business, business owners can be prepared for whenever they have a need to hire someone in their business, rather than waiting for the job, and then feeling the pressure of trying to find someone in a certain amount of time. This can help entrepreneurs significantly in ensuring that they have the best fit for their business. Since 23% of all entrepreneurs that fail said that the reason why they failed was that they could not find the right team, the strategy significantly increases an entrepreneur’s chances of success.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | How To Interview Candidates

By utilizing a regularly scheduled group interview in their business, Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners are able to meet a large number of candidates, to increase the chances of meeting the best fit for their business. Also, what this does is it allows the current employees know that an entrepreneur is only going to hire the best people for their business, which can inspire the hard-working employees to work even harder, knowing that they will not ever have to carry the weight of poorly performing employees. It also can help encourage employee that is struggling to step up, or inspire them to leave because they are unable to keep up.

The first thing that an entrepreneur should ensure when they send out the invitation to the group interview, is to let them know that the doors will be locked at the beginning of the interview, so no applicants that are late will be admitted. This sets the precedent early on says Edmonton bookkeeping that being on time is important, and if an applicant is willing to be late to an interview, they will probably also relate to the job. From the very beginning, and entrepreneurs setting a precedent, ensuring that only the best get through to the interview.

During the interview, it is important that an entrepreneur says what the company values are, so that the applicants know what the company is about, which can either inspire them to want to work there, or encourage them to not proceed with their application. Because of this, the company values should not necessarily appeal to everybody, so that they do not attract people who be a wrong fit for the business. It also sets the expectations of what things will be like if they are hired.

Edmonton bookkeeping says that entrepreneurs should ensure that candidates are free to ask as many questions as they like, ensuring that they are as comfortable having as much information as they need to make a decision on whether this is where they want to work, and it can ensure that many candidates questions will be answered at the same time, since many candidates will have the same questions as each other. In return, the entrepreneur should ask one question in return, and the same one to each applicant. Even though they may have several great interview questions, business owners should big the one that they think will tell them the most about the candidate. They should ensure that they have the answer they want to hear in mind, so that they can identify the candidate when they answer it the right way.

Any candidates stand out to the entrepreneur, they should be selected to come back for job shadow day, so that the entrepreneur can truly see if their personality and work ethic is going to fit in their business. By implementing this unique hiring strategy, business owners can be sure that they are meeting a large number of people, so that they can come into contact with the highest quality for their business.