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When it comes to hiring employees, it is critical that entrepreneurs are working to hire the best people they can find says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, industry Canada did a study and found out that not only did 50% of all entrepreneurs failed within five years, one of the top three reasons why they fail, is because there are unable to find the right employees to work in their organization. Having the right staff is critical to a companyís success, and therefore it is very important that they find the best way to hire the best fit.

Many entrepreneurs still utilize the conventional interview method and looking for staff. The problem with conventional, one-on-one interviews, is that it takes a lot of time, and it does not usually result in the best people being found. In fact, studies have shown that entrepreneurs need to meet a minimum of one hundred people before they can come across one great fit for their business. If an entrepreneur was trying to meet a hundred people during the conventional one-on-one interviews, they might never find the right staff. Edmonton bookkeeping says that if they utilize group interviews, that will maximize their chances of finding the best fit for their business much easier.

Instead of trying to read all the resumes that they receive for a job posting, entrepreneurs will instead invite all applicants to the weekly group interview session. They might end up with one or two in a week, or they might see a dozen or more. This way, by having weekly group interviews, an entrepreneur will be able to meet several every single month, and maximize their chances of one of those people being the best fit for their organization.

Edmonton bookkeeping says that if entrepreneurs wait until they have an opening in their business, either because one employee is leaving, or they are experiencing some growth, they might feel pressured to hire someone who is not the perfect fit, because they want to avoid being understaffed. However, entrepreneurs should keep in mind that having the wrong person in their business is worse than being understaffed. Jim Collins, the author of six business books said it best with, ìletting the wrong people hang around is unfair to all the right people, as they inevitably find themselves compensating for the inadequacies of the wrong people. Worse, it can drive away the best people. Strong performers are intrinsically motivated by performance and when they see their efforts being impeded by carrying extra weight, they eventually become frustrated.î

Since business owners never know when they might have a job opening in their business, either because their business is growing, or an employee is leaving, an entrepreneur should be prepared with having a group of excellent candidates that they call on in a momentís notice. This will eliminate having to look when they have an opening, instead of just being able to fill from the people they have.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | How To Hire The Best Employees

One of the reasons why many entrepreneurs do not utilize group interviews says Edmonton bookkeeping, is because they do not know how to operate group interviews. Group interviews are effective regardless of the size of the company that is using them. All entrepreneurs have to do is ensure that every applicant to the job posting is invited to the interview. Instead of wasting time reading endless resumes, and hoping entrepreneurs choosing the right ones to shortlist, entrepreneurs eliminate this guesswork, increase the number of people that they meet, and have a greater possibility of finding the perfect fit for their business.

While group interviews are very effective, if people do not know how to run them, they may end up being more hassle than they are worth. However, Edmonton bookkeeping says learning how to do a group interview efficiently and effectively is very easy. Once they have a regular interview time is set up on a weekly basis, and they are inviting applicants to come out, the next thing they have to do is ensure that they are starting the group interview on time. Many entrepreneurs find that they warn applicants that the group interview is going to start promptly on time, and then simply lock the door when they are starting the interview. this way, party applicants are not admitted. If they are going to be late to the interview, they are probably going to be late to work if they are hired. This simple method ensures that business owners are already avoiding talking to the wrong candidates.

Entrepreneurs should ensure that they are reading their company values. Edmonton bookkeeping says that it is important that companyís values be written in a way to not appeal to everyone. This way, the most suitable employees will be attracted to those values, and candidates that do not hold the same values will often take themselves out of the running. For example, if an organization says that it values punctuality, and working overtime whenever necessary, it might encourage people who have a difficult time with punctuality and overtime to avoid proceeding with their application. If the company values say that the organization values fluid work times and personal creativity, the people that crave structure will avoid continuing with their application.

It is also very important that business owners allow questions from the applicants at their group interview. This can help minimize the number of questions that the entrepreneur will get asked outside of the meeting, because many candidates will have the same questions. Often, one question will trigger others and this can be an important aspect of helping applicants decide if this is the place they want to work or not.

Once an entrepreneur has seen all of the applicants at the same time, and they have chosen their favourites, they can ask the ones that they would like to see to come back in for a job shadow day, in order to see more of their personality, their work ethic and their skills. This can be the best way for an entrepreneur to see if they are going to be a great fit for their business, which is far more effective than trying to figure that out by reading resumes. When entrepreneurs implement a group interview strategy in their business, they increase the chances of ensuring they have the best people hired for their organization at all times.