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When an entrepreneur first opens their business, Edmonton bookkeeping says learning some bookkeeping Basics is extremely important. Entrepreneurs in Canada face extremely tough odds. 50% of all business owners that start a business in Canada, half will fail. 29% of all failed entrepreneurs say that running out of money was the reason why their business was not successful.

This is why learning how to do some basic bookkeeping themselves. Can help entrepreneurs understand the state of their business finances. So that they are less likely to run out of money in their business. Causing them to have to shut their doors.

One of the first things that Edmonton bookkeeping says entrepreneurs should do, is learn management accounting. While these mites require more information than financial accounting. It’s going to help a business owner understand their finances more than financial accounting well.

And even though it takes more additional information. The business owner is in the perfect position to provide that additional information. So that they will be able to understand things such as inventory, cost of goods sold, margins as well as pricing.

Something else that can help business owners is understanding how to tell the difference between debits and credits on their financial statements. Ultimately, Revenue into the business is considered a credit. Such as customers paying for products and services as well as customers paying bills. While Revenue out is going to be a debit. Such as paying bills, or getting a credit card transaction reversed.

Another question that many business owners ask Edmonton bookkeeping is if they have to keep all of their receipts. And while it is important that they keep at least a copy of all of their receipts. It’s not necessary to keep a physical copy as long as they can pull up a digital copy if needed.

Canada Revenue Agency might be requesting to see receipts as far back as 7 years. So not only do business owners need to keep the receipts or copies of them. They need to keep them dating back 7 years. Which is why scanning them is a great idea. Because then it won’t take up as much physical room in their business.

When they are keeping receipts, it can be difficult to organize. And as long as they are making sure that they are keeping receipts at least over $100 whether that’s the receipt itself or a scan of it. Canada Revenue Agency often only looks for the receipts if they are in excess of that amount.

Something else that business owners should keep in mind is they may want to recover GST and tax credits related back to their startup costs. And if they are going to do this says Edmonton bookkeeping. They need to ensure that they’re registered for a GST number before submitting their claim. Because quite often, business owners incorporate several months before they start operating their business.

once a business owner has some bookkeeping basics down. Evenson bookkeeping says they will learn more about their business finances. Allowing them to do a much better job of running their business.

What Are The Basics You Need To Know For Edmonton Bookkeeping?

Learning how to run a business can be very difficult says Edmonton bookkeeping. However, if business owners are able to learn some bookkeeping Basics. It will help them significantly in understanding their business finances. So that they will be more likely to learn quicker, and make better decisions sooner.

One important consideration that Edmonton bookkeeping says entrepreneurs should make right away. Is what bookkeeping software they are going to use in their business. Ideally, if they are going to be doing is some of the basic bookkeeping themselves. They are going to want to choose a software that’s user-friendly.

They also might want to choose a software that’s going to allow them to integrate other software that’s they use in their business. If they are using a customer relationship management software, mileage tracking apps, Project management software, and timesheet programs. By choosing software that can work well with those programs. Can help an entrepreneur save time and utilize the programs to their best capability.

they might also want to choose accounting software that will allow them to work seamlessly with their Edmonton bookkeeping companies software. So that if they need help, or when they help the entrepreneur with more complex things. They won’t have to save the file in a different format to work on it. And then save it back to give it back to the customer.

QuickBooks Online is one of the most popular accounting software programs. And while most popular doesn’t necessarily mean the best program. Sent its most popular, more people typically know how to use it. Which means finding and Edmonton bookkeeping company that uses it. And also employees who can use it, if a business owner ever wants to have help doing the bookkeeping. Using the most popular software ensures that they will have the easiest time finding people who know how to use it to help them.

Edmonton bookkeeping says business owners should also understand what a comparative income statement and comparative balance sheet are. Because they are going to be used every month in the financial reports the entrepreneur either pulls from the bookkeeping software themselves. Or that their Edmonton bookkeeping company will send to them.

Ultimately, this is the way the balance sheets and income statements are going to be set up to be able to easily compare one. To another. The intent of the style is to allow the business owner to compare the results of one Time to another. Giving them an idea of how their business is performing over time.

it’s much easier to spot trends, such as if the business is increasing their revenue month-over-month. Or if the business is declining. And it’s also much easier to see anomalies. Whether they are mistakes. Or if the anomalies are something that was unusual that happened in that month that doesn’t typically happen.