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One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs have is that they failed to be able to attract the right employees to their organization says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, with 50% of all entrepreneurs failing by their fifth year in business, not having the right staff is one of the most common reasons that businesses fail. In an effort to combat this, companies are moving away from the conventional interview in favor of the prescheduled group interviews in their business. There are many benefits to having a group interview, that will be discussed in this article.

In the group interview, an entrepreneur can avoid reading dozens or more resumes in advance of the interview. Instead, they will send every single applicants an invitation to the group interview. Since resumes are rarely a great indicator of who is going to be an excellent employee, meeting the people first and then reading resumes of everyone that an entrepreneur is interested in is a much more efficient way of ensuring you are going to be looking at the best fit for your organization. Edmonton bookkeeping also recommends that when entrepreneurs are setting up group interviews, that they create a time block in their calendar for the same day and the same time and keep that for the entire year. All applicants can be sent one to three slots, and if they cannot make those timeslots, they can be told that the group interview is happening every single week at the same time.

Another great benefit of having a group interview over the one-on-one conventional interviews is that you are going to be able to see all applicants at the same time. With conventional interviews, you might forget about the first one or two that you have interviewed, especially if the conventional interviews are being held over several days or even weeks. By being able to see all the applicants at the same time, entrepreneurs can ensure they are comparing applicants to each other in order to make the decision on who will be the best fit for their organization.

No matter how good a candidate is going to look in the group interview, the only surefire way that entrepreneurs going to be able to make the determination if they are good fit for their business, is to bring them in for a job shadow day. Edmonton bookkeeping says that this is especially beneficial because no matter how good someone looks in an interview, you get a much better sense of their personality, and their skill once they come in and do some work.

Edmonton bookkeeping says that they have been able to attract the best people for their team ever since they started implementing group interviews, and would recommend that any business implements this method in order to ensure that they always have the best staff that they possibly can, and that they are prepared to replace any staff as needed with a pool of amazing candidates that they have already hand chosen.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | How To Conduct A Group Interview

One of the best things an entrepreneur can do for their business is start conducting group interviews in their organization according to Edmonton bookkeeping. There is several great benefits to this, but it can actually inspire the current employees that are working for the entrepreneur because they know that they will never have a coworker hired that is not a great fit for the business. Jim Collins, the author of several business books has had this to say about ensuring the right people are working for an organization: ìletting the wrong people hang around is unfair to all the right people, as they inevitably find themselves compensating for the inadequacies of the wrong people. Worse it can drive away the best people. Strong performers are intrinsically motivated by performance and when they see their efforts impeded by carrying extra weight, they eventually become frustrated.î

By conducting a group interview, employees get the sense that the company is striving for excellence at all times. This can encourage employees who are underperforming to pull up their socks in an effort to match the efforts of everybody around them. Edmonton bookkeeping says that if this is not possible, then poor performing employees often leave on their own, knowing that they will never be able to rise to the workload. It also ensures that employees that are currently employed are doing well, that is they will never have to compensate for a poor performing employee.

One of the most important aspects of a group interview says Edmonton bookkeeping is the fact that the company is going to state the company values as one of the first things in the meeting. This is going to courage the applicants who share the same values to indicate that during the interview or during the job shadow, and the employees that do not share the same values are going to take themselves out of the running. Because of that, it is extremely important that company values are polarizing, and written in such a way that it does not appeal to everybody. This way, the applicants know exactly what the company stands for, and can either identify with that, or not.

When it gets to the questions in the interview, Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that they only ask one question, and the same question to every single applicant. They might have twenty great interview questions, but they should ask one, and ensure that it is a question that is going to tell them a lot of information about the applicants. They should also ensure that they have the answer that there wanting to hear in mind, so that they can identify that answer when an applicant gives it.

By implementing an effective group strategy, entrepreneurs can ensure that they always have the best employees who are the best fit for their organization. Since 50% of all entrepreneurs fail in business, and twenty-three of those failed entrepreneurs say that they fail because they do not have the right staff, this can directly impact businesses, and help them become successful when they might not have otherwise been.