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One of the problems that entrepreneurs face, is that they have a meeting scheduled with their Edmonton bookkeeping company, but they have not entered all of the transactions from their business into the software. They are faced with two decisions, having to meet with their bookkeeper without having that proper information, or trying to enter dozens or hundreds of transactions as quickly as possible into their keeping software, so that the meeting is not a complete waste of their time. If entrepreneurs are not staying on top of entering all of their transactions into their bookkeeping software, this can be a very common scenario. While the recommendation is for entrepreneurs to put it into their schedule to do this on a regular basis, the busier entrepreneurs get, the less important this seems to be. However, an easy solution is for entrepreneurs to learn how to automate as many of those entries as possible, in order to speed the process up so that it can take business owners minutes instead of hours, which will make them more likely to be able to stay on top of this.

One of the most significant ways that business owners can automate entering transactions into their software, is by getting digital statements from their financial institution as well as their credit card companies. Once they get these statements digitally, they can directly upload it to their accounting software, and all of the transactions and all the statements can get entered all at once. Not only does this free up a significant amount of time, especially if there have been an extremely large amount of transactions, it can also ensure the accuracy of the information. Instead of having to enter everything in manually, and risking a human error on every entry, the software will be able to entering all the information as it appears on each of the statements, and all an entrepreneur has to do is scan the entries to ensure that there is no problems that happened with the upload. By doing this, entrepreneurs can make the job significantly faster and therefore have all the right information for when they meet with their Edmonton bookkeeping company.

Another way that entrepreneurs can automate processes in order to make things easy, is by taking their bookkeeping meeting online. Instead of having to drive to their Edmonton bookkeeping company to have a meeting, or using the phone which can be difficult to follow exactly what their bookkeeper is saying, using software like team viewer can help entrepreneurs have a more meaningful meeting with their bookkeeper, without having to spend the time driving all the way to their office and all the way back. Team viewer allows entrepreneurs to look directly at their bookkeeper’s computer, so that they can show entrepreneurs different aspects of their financial statements, verify information and allow the entrepreneur to ask questions.

Technology can significantly make the bookkeeping process much easier, so that entrepreneurs can continue to make the entries that they need so that their Edmonton bookkeeping company can do their job of creating interim financial statements that entrepreneurs can use to help them make decisions in their business.

entrepreneurs often believe that they will be able to help their Edmonton bookkeeping company by entering all the transactions in their business prior to their bookkeeper or needing it to make interim financial statements. However, if entrepreneurs are not doing this regularly, they could end up underestimating how much time it could take them, which causes them to be behind in making entries into their bookkeeping software, and causing them to make panicked entries at the last minute before their meeting with their bookkeeper. However, there is many ways that entrepreneurs can make this job much easier, and avoid spending hours doing it. Automation can speed up the process, increase the accuracy of the information that they enter and allow entrepreneurs to spend their valuable time on building their business instead of entering transactions.

One of the biggest objections entrepreneurs have when they first hear about automating their transactions, is they do not want to have to learn how to do their own bookkeeping, they do not want to have to learn how to use the bookkeeping software. There is very little that entrepreneurs need to learn in order to automate the transactions. In fact, Edmonton bookkeeping says that entrepreneurs will have to know less about bookkeeping and the software by automating the processes than they do manually entering it. If entrepreneurs are willing to spend hours of time every month entering transactions, they should be willing to spend a few minutes learning how to automate, so that they can stop spending hours making entries.

Since entrepreneurs need to be entering all of their employees time into the bookkeeping software, if there not already using time tracking software for their employees, this is something that they should consider doing now. By utilizing software, that software can sync up to their bookkeeping software, and automatically enter all of the start and finish times of their employees. Depending how many employees a business owner has, this can make a huge difference in the time it takes them to enter this information. Not only can it speed up the processes, but the time tracking software that they use can ensure accuracy of those employees timesheets as well.

Many entrepreneurs want to know how much time they are going to be able to save in their business by learning how to automate, and while there is no official numbers on how much time specifically this is going to save entrepreneurs, they should understand that automating will allow business owners to avoid entering all of the financial transactions from their banks and credit cards manually. Will also allow them to stop entering all of their employees timesheets manually, and whether they are spending many hours doing this or just a few, business owners can save this amount of time but also ensure the accuracy of the information that is entered. By eliminating the human error element, business owners can ensure the accuracy for the Edmonton bookkeeping company so that they can get more accurate interim financial statements in their business.