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A significant problem that entrepreneurs face when there trying to run their business and meet with Edmonton bookkeeping company, is that if they do not have all of their transactions entered into the accounting software before their scheduled to meet with their bookkeeper, it can create problems, and force an entrepreneur or bookkeeper to have to work several hours the day before the meeting frantically entering in transactions in order to make sure the meeting is meaningful. Business owners can learn how to use technology to automate several of the processes, so that they can keep more updated transactions in their bookkeeping software, which can help their bookkeeper have the most accurate interim financial statements for them to use as possible.

The first thing that entrepreneurs should understand when they are learning how to use automation to keep more accurate records in their accounting software, is that they do not need to have a very in-depth knowledge of the bookkeeping software in order to upload transactions to its. In fact, they only need to have knowledge of how to do one or two things in that software and leave the rest of it to their Edmonton bookkeeping company. Most bookkeeping companies will have their own bookkeeping software that they are comfortable using, and if entrepreneurs are not able to have access to those files, they can always use automation and then send those automated statements off to their bookkeeper who can then upload them themselves.

One of the most significant time savings that automating can do in order to keep accurate records, is to get all of the bank and credit card transactions sent to them in digital statements. Most companies are already sending statements out digitally, is owners just need to ensure that they are receiving them as well. They can upload those digital files directly to QuickBooks online, or send them off to their Edmonton bookkeeping company who will automatically load them themselves. This way, dozens or more transactions can be entered into the software in just a few minutes. Not only does this allow a significant time savings from either the entrepreneur or the bookkeeper, but it can also eliminate human error. Instead of having the potential of multiple entries be entered incorrectly, entrepreneurs just need to verify that there were no errors uploading the file, and dozens are more transactions are entered incorrectly, with the proper date encoded for the right account.

By utilizing automation software and techniques, entrepreneurs can ensure that the information that they are uploading to their accounting software or sending off to Edmonton bookkeeping companies, can save hours of time, and if being uploaded by their bookkeeping company, they can be saving themselves hundreds of dollars, because their bookkeeper will not be charging them to manually enter all of those transactions by hand if an entrepreneur is automated them already. Business owners can use the time or money that they save by automating these processes by increasing their business, and achieving more of their strategic priorities of the Corporation.

Not having the most accurate and up-to-date financial statements mean that entrepreneurs have incorrect information when they go to make financial decisions in their business, but they can significantly help their Edmonton bookkeeping company if they learn how to automate several of their financial processes in their business, to not only save time in their business, but save money and ensure accuracy of those financial statements. These are extremely compelling reasons for entrepreneurs to learn what they can automate in their business in order to benefit their financial statements.

One automation process that they can utilize to save time immediately, is by looking into the time tracking software for their employees. While entrepreneurs may not have a problem with tracking their employees time manually, when it comes time to enter that information into their accounting software, entrepreneurs might have a different story. Depending on how many employees the business has, this could take a significant amount of time. If they have their Edmonton bookkeeping company to do it for them, this will take that company an extremely long time as well and they will be billing that time back to the entrepreneur. By utilizing time tracking software, entrepreneurs can upload the files directly into QuickBooks so that is is owners can eliminate the need to manually entering all of their employees time. If entrepreneurs also have the need for ensuring the accuracy of the time that their employees are claiming, there has many built-in controls including GPS to ensure the accuracy of the time that the employers are claiming.

By utilizing online accounting software like QuickBooks online, and by automating processes and uploading them online, many entrepreneurs tend to worry if their documents are safe if they are using a cloud-based software so much. Edmonton bookkeeping says that the files are extremely safe, not only because the cloud has many safeties built into it, but QuickBooks online also has safeties including encryption built-in to make it very difficult for information that is in the software to fall to the wrong hands. There information is just as safe in QuickBooks online as it is in the entrepreneurs own computer in their business.

By learning how to automate certain processes in their business, entrepreneurs can not only save time themselves, by not having to manually enter things, but they can also save money, by making their Edmonton bookkeeping company more efficient. Even more important than that, by directly entering the information from statements and software, business owners can eliminate the human error component, which can help ensure the accuracy of their financial information that is uploaded into the accounting software. This way, is owners can be more certain that the interim financial statements that their bookkeeper sense to them biweekly are accurate, and business owners can use that information in order to make financial decisions in their business, without fear that incorrect statements will cause them to make a poor decision that cost their business money.