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Hi and welcome to another episode of always up to date. Uh, again, uh, my name is Jada from always Edmonton Bookkeeping and would they call owner of always bookkeeping Denise Mitra and where he just talked about how is automated bookkeeping easier? So, um, uh, we always like to start with a quote. Um, it’s from Jim Collins, author of six books, faultless reliance on technology is a liability. So our statistics work today and two, if the makers of QuickBooks, that is certainly all small business owners have some basic business, financial literally questions or literally questions. Um, for example, a roll of balance sheet accruals. How do you improve your cashflow, uh, cetera. So 82% of the respondents carved less than 70% on the test. Yeah. So Denise, why don’t you tell us a story of, um, one of our experiences that relates to our topic? Yeah, for sure. Um, so we’re talking about how has automated bookkeeping easier.

Uh, so you meet with your bookkeeper for your scheduled biweekly meeting and you have hundreds of transactions that you’ve, um, you’ve done through the since your last meeting. Um, and they need to be entered for tomorrow cause you have an invoice that appliance is waiting for. And so now you have all of these, um, transactions that need to be entered. Um, how is it that automated Edmonton Bookkeeping is going to be easier than a manual bookkeeping? Yeah. So first question is, do you want to ask, do you have to know how your bookkeeping software works? The answer is no.

It’s a good idea to have a basic knowledge of how it works. Um, but really your bookkeeper should know that information. Um, and again, there’s so many different types of software out there for Edmonton Bookkeeping. Um, you might be more comfortable with one than the other. Um, that always bookkeeping we use, um, we use QuickBooks online. Um, yeah, so again, you don’t have to know how it works. That’s why you hire a bookkeeper that knows how it works. They just give you the information when it’s ready. It only matters if you’re your own bookkeeper. Yeah, yeah, for sure. Yeah. So, um, what, what keeping software should I use? Sorry, like I said, um, we use QuickBooks online. Uh, we find that it’s very user friendly. Um, it, it’s online so you can use it wherever you are. Um, which I think is really important to small business owners cause they, you know, you don’t necessarily have an office.

Sometimes you just have to work wherever you can. And so, um, it’s really good. But again, there are so many bookkeeping software out there. Um, it’s really important to research it and decide it. Again, if you’re going to do your own bookkeeping, um, if you have a bookkeeper, then they’ll, they’ll have those. Yeah, that’s right. Yeah. Do I need to provide the software to my bookkeeper? Yeah, you shouldn’t have to. Um, if you’ve already started working with another bookkeeper and you’re changing bookkeepers or you started doing the Edmonton Bookkeeping yourself and just found that your business got too big and you can’t handle it anymore, um, you want to just get rid of some things off your plate and you decide to hire a bookkeeper to do it, then yeah, you might want to give that bookkeeper what you already have.

Um, whether it’s, um, you know, like a USB stick that we can do a backup of it or if you have QuickBooks online and you can just share it with us, um, invite us to be a part of it. Um, that would be perfect. But really your bookkeeper should provide it for you and always what keeping, like I said, we use QuickBooks online and we include that as part of your, um, your monthly charge that we just, um, take care of your book, your QuickBooks online subscription. Yeah. Yeah. And most accountants and bookkeepers, they, we normally get, uh, some sort of a deal with, uh, with the accounting software. So

I think it’s, it’s, it’s really important that your books set for you. Yeah. Yeah. Good point. Um, is there a software available for employee time-tracking? Yeah. Again, there’s so many apps out there, software that you can use to, to track your, your employees. Most of them are, they can, the employees can do it on their phone. Um, so it’s really convenient. Um, some people worry about that just because then the employee can log in and out wherever they are. Maybe they’ve already gone home and they can log in, but they have a lot of software that has controls for that. Um, that they have a GPS on it rates.

It will only let you log in or out when you’re close to that work site or, um, or at that work site, that particular work site. Yeah. Um, again, you have to look, um, and do your research about those, those programs. Um, but all of those programs do, um, just the, they go into QuickBooks like they’re compatible with QuickBooks. And so once the employee enters the time, it’s just a matter of, um, you know, making a few settings on your QuickBooks file and it’ll just pull it right in and then you don’t have to enter that time manually with Edmonton Bookkeeping.

Yeah. And, uh, most of these, um, most of these, um, applications or software is actually let you have control and, uh, when you want to approve it or, um, it lets you adjust depending on what you see fit. Cause then they will give you the opportunity to have the administration role on the five. So it’s, it’s one of those things that you want to look at and you also want to look at if you’re doing a research that goes, um, or that you want to use for your time tracking, make sure, um, that the payroll system is in compliance with your, um, provincial, uh, statutory laws cause someone, uh, especially for example, or uh, we are in Alberta and, um, we recently changed the year over time, um, rules in 2018.

So yeah, those are the things that you want to look at when you’re looking for, um, uh, time-tracking, um, softwares and made sure you make the proper adjustments before you integrate them to your accounting software. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. So how do you provide your statements to your Edmonton Bookkeeping?