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Business owners need to understand that one of the things that can kill motivation in their team, is poor communication and not leading them by example says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, business owners need to be very aware that everything that a business owner does, is going to be noticed by their staff, and then that effort is going to be copied. While business owner will never inspire their staff to work harder than they do in their business, they can in fact inspire their staff to work as hard as they can, when they see the behaviour that is expected of them, and they feel valued and respected.

Great communication is one of the important keys to helping employees understand what is expected of them says Edmonton bookkeeping. This great communication starts with respectful and regular communication. Business owners might be frustrated or stressed out in their business, but they need to ensure that every time they speak with their staff, that it is respectful. This way, the employees will model that communication style not just back to the business owner and their coworkers, but to customers as well. Ensuring that their treating customers with the utmost respect at all times is important, especially as customers are going to be repeat customers, and encourage their friends and family to come to the business.

The reason why communication needs to be regular and consistent says Edmonton bookkeeping is because business owners cannot expect that if they tell their staff something once, that they are going to remember it, or continue to be inspired by it. For example, a business owner needs to regularly communicate the mission and vision of the business, in order for it to continue to inspire their staff. The mission and vision of the business should first be communicated to employees at the job interview, and be something that is communicated regularly. When they do this, it can help inspire the staff to work hard, and accomplish the goals, because they feel connected to the goals of the business. This is especially important as an entrepreneur grows their business, and scales that up. By having a staff that emotionally connects with the mission and vision of the business can encourage them to take on new tasks and new responsibilities, so that an entrepreneur can focus on growing their business.

A business owner should use regular communication to talk to their staff about what they are expected to do, to thank them for doing a great job, and to correct behaviour. If a business owner only gets to talk to their staff when they are disappointed, that communication is going to be very negative. It is also important that entrepreneurs are communicating regularly with their staff so that they can set goals, help their staff accomplish what is important to them, and trained the staff that they can always have the best, brightest and most well-trained people on staff.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | How Great Communication Can Motivate Employees

Business owners need to understand that keeping great staff is going to be one of the biggest challenges the experience as an entrepreneur says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, industry Canada did a study and found out that half of all entrepreneurs in Canada fail within the first five years. The three main reasons why businesses in Canada fail is because they are unable to find a market for their products, they run out of money, and they are unable to find or keep the right staff. Therefore, learning what they need to do to keep that great staff is very important to the success of a business.

Business owners need to understand that not only is it important to communicate with their staff, so that they know what is expected of them says Edmonton bookkeeping. But a business owner should also be modelling the behaviour they wish to see in their employees. A business owner should get into the habit of doing this even before they hire their first staff member, so that it becomes second nature to them. When they hire their first staff member, the entrepreneurs conducting themselves in a way that can inspire their staff to follow suit.

In fact, no matter what behaviour an entrepreneurs modelling, their staff will put in the same effort. Therefore, it will be impossible for an entrepreneur to expect their staff to shul bond time, if the business owner themselves are not showing up on time. Therefore, Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that business owners do not just show up to work on time, but they are there early, and working when their first staff member gets there. By modelling this behaviour, they will have less of a problem with tardiness. And that tardiness can be addressed very simply and easily, because a business owner will show that it is not tolerated in their actions.

Something else that a business owner can do to model the right behaviour to their staff, is by doing all tasks of the business no matter how big, or small they are. And no matter how complicated or difficult they are. By showing a willingness to do every task that is necessary, shows their staff that there is no task that is too unimportant or too complicated to do. Even if it is something like scrubbing the floor or taking out the trash, if a business owner is willing to do it, that shows the staff that anyone should be expected to do it.

This willingness to do anything in the business is going to be very important when an entrepreneur is ready to scale up their business, and is necessary to delegate tasks. Therefore, business owners should model all of the behaviour that they want their employees to take on, so that delegating tasks is easy, so that they can grow their business. By growing their business this way, is owners will ensure that they are hiring a team that knows every task is important, and the sorts of behaviour that they need to continue to model in order for them to be successful as well.