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Business owners should understand that it is very important to learn how to find and keep staff in their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, Jim Collins, who is the author of 6 business books including the best seller good to great wrote this there he eloquently when he said: those who build great companies understand that the ultimate throttling growth for any company is not market, or technology, or competition, or products. It is the one thing above others, the ability to get and keep enough of the right people. Therefore, business owners should understand, that the right people can make all of the difference in an organization, helping a business owner grow. Whereas not having the right people, or even having the wrong people can cause an entrepreneur to succeed. In fact, stats Canada says that 23% of failed entrepreneurs in Canada say that the reason why their business failed was because they were unable to find and keep the right people in their business.

The one thing that business owners should understand, is that no matter what they do, there is always going to be a turnover in their staff. No matter how great the relationship is with their employees, they are always going to and up having to find new staff. Even the most positive relationship will have an employee leaving because they get sick, injured, they retire, they get pregnant, or even their spouse gets transferred to another city. Therefore, business owners need to understand that not only is it important to learn how to attract people regularly, but what they also need to do to keep those people as long as possible before it is time for them to leave. In fact, the average employee is staying at their place of employment for 2.3 years on average, which is much lower than the average used to be. Therefore, business owners need to ensure that there doing what they can to get the best efforts out of their staff immediately, before they leave.

The first thing that business owners should do in order to create an environment that inspires their staff to stay, is create an environment of respect. There are several things that business owners can do to achieve this says Edmonton bookkeeping. The first thing that they should do, is simply by modelling behaviour they wish their employees to take on. They should be doing this even before they get to employees, so that it will be easy to do once they hire their first staff member. This means working hard, coming in early and staying late when necessary, and being respect to the staff and clients.

In addition to that, Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that entrepreneurs also write out the company values even before they need to hire staff. That way, a business owner knows exactly what they stand for, and they can easily communicate that to staff and clients when the time is right. In fact, Edmonton bookkeeping says the first time future employee hears the values, should be before they are an employee at the job interview. The right values should be written in a way that it inspires the right people to want to work there, while it should deter others who do not share those same values from wanting to work there as well.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | How Entrepreneurs Can Keep Great Staff

One of the most important things that an entrepreneur can do, is learn why staff stay at certain places of employment says Edmonton bookkeeping. The reason why, is so that they can create that environment themselves. By creating that environment themselves, business owners can ensure that they are helping the staff that they have stay for as long as they possibly can. Although, business owners need to keep in mind that is not possible to keep all staff forever. In fact, many entrepreneurs are very surprised to realize that the most common reason why people quit their job is because they do not like their boss.

A business owner needs to find a reason more important than not like their boss on why employees stand at an organization. That means giving them a reason why they are doing the job are doing. Edmonton bookkeeping says it is not just important for business owner to understand that staff need to know how to do their job well, and what job they are going to be doing, but employees can be very motivated by finding why. By sharing the mission of the business with all staff, can help them unify and work towards a common goal. It helps entrepreneurs and employees feel like they are on the same team, working towards the same goal. Working towards a common goal and helping accomplish it is extremely motivating to most people.

Business owners should also understand that it is very important to also share with employees that what they do makes a difference to the organization. This means that employees need their bosses to recognize them, and tell them how they are making a difference. This kind of recognition can be very motivating to most employees. By feeling like they are actually making a difference in the organization can make sure that they are working hard, and that they are not looking elsewhere to contribute. By feeling valued is extremely important. Therefore, business owners can inspire motivation in employees that they can recognize. Whether this is done in a group, or one-on-one, Edmonton bookkeeping recommends business owners do of that is each, to inspire their staff to feel like they have accomplish something, and that their presence in the organization matters.

Business owners can inspire employees to be motivated, and stay at their organization longer by being motivational. Edmonton bookkeeping says this is very valuable in helping business owners keep employees, and ensuring that the work that they do is high quality and done well. When business owners do this, they are going to have a great staff for a long period of time.