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Since many entrepreneurs actually lack a lot of business financial knowledge, hiring and Edmonton bookkeeping company is often the best way to ensure that entrepreneurs have the most up-to-date financial statements possible. Although, entrepreneurs often want to be able to do is much as they can in order to save money, so they decide to do as many entries as they can on behalf of their bookkeeper. Unfortunately they either do not think enough time in their schedule to be able to enter all of the financial transactions, or they failed to understand how much time it is actually going to take them. This results in business owners having a meeting with their bookkeeper, and not having up-to-date financial statements prepared, because they have not entered the right transactions. This can cause huge problems not only by not having the correct financial interim statements prepared, but often because business owners are not able to pay vendors without having this information updated.

Business owners can avoid all of these issues while continuing to look after updating the financial transactions in their accounting software if they learn how easy it can be to update those transactions by automating as much of the process as they can. Entrepreneurs do not need to have a very complex knowledge of the bookkeeping software, all they need to know is how to open it and upload some files, and there Edmonton bookkeeping company can take care of the rest. For example, in order to automate the financial statements into individual transactions in the accounting software, all an entrepreneur has to do is request digital statements from their banks, and take those statements and upload them into their accounting software.

Not only can this save lots of time, which allows the entrepreneur to be able to work on their business, it also saves them money, because they are not being in Edmonton bookkeeping company to do it for them. But also its allowing entrepreneurs to ensure that there is no human error in the entering of the transactions. This allows entrepreneurs to have the most up-to-date and accurate financial statements possible. Gone are the days of entrepreneurs having to rush to enter all of that information in for their bookkeeper.

The biggest question that entrepreneurs often have with utilizing this system, is the worry that their documents and financial information is not safe by utilizing automation in their business. However, Edmonton bookkeeping says that it is just as safe as keeping financial information in their computers in their business. Accounting software is encrypted to protect against people trying to gain access to the information, and the information and documents are kept very safe. There is no reason why entrepreneurs should not be able to use this method to in their business to ensure not only the timeliness of financial information being uploaded, but the accuracy of it as well. By getting into the habit of doing this, entrepreneurs can ensure that they always have up-to-date financial statements in their business.

One of the reasons why entrepreneurs want to hire Edmonton bookkeeping companies to look after their financial books, is because entrepreneurs lack the complex knowledge they need in order to take care of the books themselves. However, business owners can still look after a certain aspect of their bookkeeping, by utilizing automation and uploading the information to the software themselves. This way they can save themselves money by doing it themselves, but they do not required to have complex knowledge of bookkeeping or bookkeeping software in order to achieve this. In fact, into it who is the company that makes QuickBooks did survey of entrepreneurs about some basic business financial literacy. 82% of the entrepreneurs that were surveyed actually scored less than 70% on the test.

Many entrepreneurs are extremely good at their business, but are not so knowledgeable about bookkeeping. They can overcome that challenge, by learning enough to be able to enter basic information into their accounting software, and letting their Edmonton bookkeeping company do the rest. This can help them have accurate financial information, save money and most importantly save time. One of the ways that entrepreneurs can use automation to ensure the accuracy of the financial statements in their business, is instead of entering all of their employees times into the accounting software, business owners can ensure that they have tracking apps that allow their employees to accurately track the time that they are arriving at work and leaving. Even if entrepreneurs do not need to verify the accuracy of their time through these apps, the reason why these apps are important, is because business owners can then take the files from those apps, and upload them the accounting software. There Edmonton bookkeeping company can then see that all of the times that the employees have are adequately tracked in the software, eliminating the amount of time that it takes to get them into the software.

By using this automation procedure to enter all of their bank transactions as well as credit card purchases, business owners can save a significant amount of time as well as ensuring the accuracy of all that information. In addition to that, Edmonton bookkeeping company says that business owners can scan in and enter all of their receipts into the accounting software as well. Since Canada revenue agency requires that entrepreneurs keep all of their financial information for seven years in case of an audit, by scanning their receipts and having them in their accounting software, entrepreneurs can ensure that the information is safe in case CRA needs to see it. Many entrepreneurs think that CRA needs to see the original receipts, scanned copies will do as well.

By automating as many bookkeeping processes as possible, entrepreneurs can save significant amounts of time and money in their business. And importantly, they can ensure the accuracy of the financial statements that they get from their Edmonton bookkeeping company. This way, whenever a business owner needs to make any financial decision in their business, the always have the most accurate information at their fingertips to help guide them towards the right decision.