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Many business owners struggle at finding the right staff for their team says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, with 50% of all business owners failing within 5 years, 23% of those failed businesses say the reason why they failed was because they did not find the right staff. Some business owners think that they are simply not asking the right questions during an interview. However, the reason why business owners are not finding the right people is less to do with the questions that they are asking in an interview, and more about they are simply not interviewing enough people.

Studies have been done and that show in order to find the one right fit for the business, an entrepreneur needs to meet about 100 people. During a typical one on one interview style, business owners are not likely at all to be able to meet enough people to find the one right fit. Especially since business owners are very limited on time. So the question is, how business owners can meet enough people to find the right one for their business?

The answer is group interviews says Edmonton bookkeeping. Not only are group interviews much more time effective, but it also enables a business owner to meet the right number of people. While it might be very difficult for an entrepreneur to meet 5 or 6 people in a single week during traditional one-on-one interviews. A business owner can meet 20 or 25 people a week with group interviews, meeting that will only take a month for them to have met 100 people that they can find the one for their business.

The first thing that business owners need to understand, is that the first way that group interviews are different is by not reading resumes ahead of time. This is one of the ways that traditional interviews took up a significant amount of time for entrepreneurs. Because they would have to read each resume, and try to figure out who they wanted to meet based on the resume. This could take several hours, meaning that an entrepreneur had devoted countless hours to the task even before they need to anyone. However, in a group interview, Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners do not have to read any resumes, that every single applicant gets invited to the group interview. Already, business owners are saving a significant amount of time by not having to figure out who they want to meet. This is very effective, because resumes are typically a poor way to determine who is a good fit for the business.

By learning the first step to conducting group interviews can save business owners as significant amount of time, and help business owners meets a significantly larger number of people as well. In order to meet hundred people as quickly as possible, business owners can simply meet every person that applies and shows up to the interview so that they can meet them face-to-face and decide if they would be a great fit for the business.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | How Are Group Interviews Effective Finding Staff

Business owners often struggle with finding staff for their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. Rather than blame their interview technique and questions, the likely reason why is more often because a business owner typically does not have enough time to meet the right number of candidates to find the best one for their business. That is, unless an entrepreneur learns how to conduct group interviews. By conducting group interviews, an entrepreneur can meet a significantly higher number of candidates in a significantly shorter period of time, increasing their chances of meeting the right one for their business.

During the interview process, a business owner needs to ensure that they are reading out the help wanted ad says Edmonton bookkeeping. This will ensure everyone is in the right place at the right time. It also ensures that a business owner is setting the expectation early on in the employer employee relationship. The 2nd thing that an entrepreneur should do, is read out a list of the company values. Those candidates that identify with the company values will typically stand out more than those who do not share the same values says Edmonton bookkeeping.

The next step is for an entrepreneur to let all of the candidates ask as many questions as they want. A lot of the same questions will come up in one-on-one interviews, and letting them ask them in a group interview can save significant amounts of time as one person will likely have a question that several people will want to have asked. It may also inspire others to ask different questions, and ultimately this is an important step in the interview process, ensuring that all the candidates are as comfortable about knowing is much as they need to know about the job to make their decision on whether they want to work there.

After all the candidates have asked as many questions as they want says Edmonton bookkeeping, the business owner will only ask each candidate one question. It is the same question and it is: why do you want to work here? The types of answers that businesses are going to want to hear is what is it specifically about their business that the candidates are drawn to. Perhaps it is some of the values that they stated, perhaps they did research on the company ahead of time. Whatever the answer is, an entrepreneur is looking for why the person wants to work there specifically, not widely want to work in that industry, or why the location is convenient.

At the end of the interview, a business owner may have identified one or a couple people who stood out. Edmonton bookkeeping says a business owner can then read the resume of the people that they are truly interested in, and if they are still interested after reading the resume, will invite them to come out to a job shadow day, where business owner will be able to see if they truly are fit for their business. By conducting group interviews, business owners are significantly more likely to meets the right number of candidates to find the right one for their business a lot faster.