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Many entrepreneurs are very overwhelmed when it comes to hiring the best staff for their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. The reason is because they don’t know how the best ways to conduct a one-on-one interview that will get them to hire the best people. Ultimately, business owners needs to understand that the system itself is flawed, and not because they are doing anything wrong. The first thing that business owners can do that’s going to significantly help their chances of hiring the right people is to completely stop all one-on-one interviews immediately.

The reason why one-on-one interviews are flawed is because resumes are very poor way of judging how good an employee is going to be. Edmonton bookkeeping says one of the main reasons for this is because 85% of candidates lie, or at least embellish the truth on their resume. Therefore, business owners are trying to look through a stack of lies in order to figure out who they should talk to about working in their business. Therefore, business owners Can Save hours of time immediately simply by inviting all candidates who apply to an interview. They will be able to look at the suitability of the candidates, and only if they like a candidate, and would consider hiring them do they look at their resumes.

Another reason why one-on-one interviews are flawed way of finding stuff is because it doesn’t allow an entrepreneur to meet nearly enough people says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, Studies have shown that business owners need to meet an average of 100 people before they can find one suitable candidate for their business. If business owners are using one-on-one interviews, this is going to require a full-time person just to interview people. However, Edmonton bookkeeping says that if business owners use a group interview instead, they will be able to cut the time it takes to meet a hundred people significantly down. In fact, the more people that apply for the job, the better because a business owner can meet a hundred people in just for interviews if enough people show up to each of them.

Business owners should be looking for candidates that have the right attitude. This is why it’s not even important for business owner to look at their resume until they like the candidate. A business owner can always teach a certain skill to the right candidate. But it’s almost impossible to teach the right attitude to a candidate who doesn’t have a good attitude already. Therefore, business owners needs to hire on attitude, and teach the skills they desire their employees to have.

When business owners understand how important it is to hire the best staff, they will immediately switch away from one-on-one interviews and start conducting group interviews says Edmonton bookkeeping. A business owner should be conducting group interviews no matter if they have a need for an employee or not. The reason why is because a business owner will not know when their staff members might leave, or when they will have a sudden growth spurt. By having ongoing group interviews, a business owner can be prepared for any future.

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Business owners need to understand that even if they have the best staff in the world, they’re not going to be able to keep that staff forever says Edmonton bookkeeping. Business owners should understand that even the most positive employer and employee relationship has the ability to change at any given moment. Whether an employee decides to retire, starts a family, gets sick or injured, or has their spouse being transferred out of the city, there are a significant number of reasons why a business owner might need to prepare for the eventuality of their staff members leaving them.

In order to help ensure that business owners are replacing a great staff members with equally as good staff members, business owners need to ensure that they are hiring people based on the right attitude and adversity quotient. Edmonton bookkeeping says a positive attitude will ensure that even if a business owner and their employees don’t see eye-to-eye, there will be that Foundation of respect. A business owner might not always agree with their employee and the other way around, but when business owner hires on attitude and respect, they can have disagreements without derailing the relationship.

And what adversity quotient is says Edmonton bookkeeping is the ability for an employee to accept challenges and meet them head-on. An employee that has a good adversity quotient doesn’t flat difficult things keep them down. And it doesn’t keep them from trying their best. Therefore, business owners can end up with the best staff if they simply hire on attitude and adversity quotient. A business owner will always be able to teach the skills they want their staff to have, but it will be very hard to teach attitude in an employee who doesn’t have a good one.

It’s also very important for an entrepreneur to hire staff based on attitude so that an entrepreneur can build the kind of company culture that they want. This company culture is going to help set the tone for the entire office, and give the entire staff a goal to work towards. By setting the company culture and having company values is very important. Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners need to hire people that they can count on to uphold the mission and vision of the business and help set the culture for future staff members.

Business owners should be ensuring it that they are doing their best to model the behaviour they wish to see in their staff. A business owner can only Inspire values and Company culture if they are living them first. However, with the right staff members in place, a business owner can model the behaviour they want their staff to have, and that will encourage the right company culture to grow.

Business owners should keep in mind the attitude of their staff as one of the most important things that they can develop. Edmonton bookkeeping says that this should be something that they keep in mind every time they go to hire and their business. By looking for the right attitude, and hiring people based on that, business owners can ensure that they have a great stuff that’s going to want to help an entrepreneur succeed.