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Some entrepreneurs seem to have a great knack at always having the best staff for their business says Edmonton bookkeeping, while other entrepreneurs struggle. Many entrepreneurs who always have great staff may not realize how huge a problem this actually is. Industry Canada says that while half of all entrepreneurs fail in business, 23% of the failed entrepreneurs say the reason their business failed was that they did not have the right staff. In order to help entrepreneurs ensure they have the right staff, they should implement group interviews on a weekly basis in their business. This can significantly help entrepreneurs meet the right amount of people to identify is going to be the best fit for their business.

In order to ensure that group interviews are effective, Edmonton bookkeeping says that entrepreneurs need to ensure that they are blocking time every single week for the group interviews. Many entrepreneurs question why this is the strategy when they make not have an opening in their business every single week. However, the reason why it is so important is in order to help an entrepreneur meets as many people as possible. Even if an entrepreneur looks every week for a month, they may still not find best fit for their business. If they were to wait until they had to replace an employee, it may take them so long, that they are working short staffed by the time they find the right replacement. This is actually why a lot of entrepreneurs end up with staff that do not work out, is because they simply hire someone to fill the spots because they cannot find the right fit in time. Entrepreneurs need to understand however that having the wrong person is worse than having no person.

Another important aspect of the group interviews is that it means that an entrepreneur does not have to waste hours of their time reading resumes. Not only is it an inefficient way of choosing great candidateís, but it also wastes time, and people lie on their resumes. It is far more effective to meet everyone, and the people that an entrepreneur is interested in can have their resumes read then says Edmonton bookkeeping. Therefore, all applicants that apply get invited to the weekly group interview session. They are told that the interview will start promptly, and latecomers will not be admitted. Then, entrepreneurs need to lock the door to ensure latecomers do not show up. This way, they are already setting the expectation of what it is going to be like working for the organization. As well, an entrepreneur can ensure that they are not meeting people who would have no problem being late to their business once hired.

By learning how to implement effective hiring strategies in their business, entrepreneurs can ensure they are meeting enough people on a regular enough basis that they can identify the ones who are going to be the perfect fit for their business. Even if they do not have an immediate opening, they can start developing a pool of people that they can call on when that need does arise.

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It is so important that businesses have the best fit for them says Edmonton bookkeeping. The reason why is it can literally be the difference between a business succeeding or not. In fact, business book author Jim Collins said it best when he wrote in one of his books: ìletting the wrong people hang around is unfair to all the right people, as they inevitably find themselves compensating for the inadequacies of the wrong people. Worse it can drive away the best people. Strong performers are intrinsically motivated by performance, and when they see their efforts impeded by carrying extra weight, they eventually become frustrated.î

In order to ensure entrepreneurs meeting the right people at all times, in case they needed to a place staff, or fill an opening, is ensure they set aside time every week for a group interview. They should be running help wanted ad every week, and all applicants get invited to the group interview slots. This might mean a few people show up each week, or in some circumstances, an entrepreneur can have a dozen or even twenty or more. This increases the number of people an entrepreneur is going to be able to meet on a weekly basis, in order to narrow down the one is going to be the best fit for them.

The entrepreneur will save significant time by not reading all of the resumes, and by meeting several people at the same time. An interview is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to tell the candidates about their business, which is why it is important that a business owner reads out there company values. Hopefully, an entrepreneur has already written their values which should be written in a way to avoid appealing to everybody. The company values should be polarizing so that it does not attract the wrong fit to the organization says Edmonton bookkeeping.

It is also very important that the candidates get to know as much as they need about the business to decide if this is the place they want to work. So an entrepreneur should open it up to questions from the candidateís. Many candidates would have the same question, so it is an efficient way to ensure that all the candidates are getting all the information. Often a question will trigger another one, and can help the candidates decide if this is the right fit for them.

An entrepreneur should asked just one question to each applicant it should be the same question. Regardless of what the question is, an entrepreneur should ensure that it is going to tell them a lot about each candidate and why they want to work there. They should also ensure that they are keeping the answer they would like to hear in mind, so that if they hear it they can more easily identify it.

If an entrepreneur does not find someone that they think is a good fit in this interview, they should not feel upset about it, because there is going to be another interview next week, and that is a large group of people that would have taken them a long time to realize they are not the right fit for their business if they were doing one-on-one interviews.