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It is extremely important that an entrepreneur ensures that they have the best people for their organization says Edmonton bookkeeping. Not everyone is going to be the best fit for every company, and if entrepreneurs are trying to find people based on the conventional one on one interview, they may be wasting a lot of time, because they are not meeting enough people to find the best fit for their organization.

With conventional interviews, entrepreneurs tend to start looking for new staff only when they have an immediate job opening in their business. This is extremely inefficient because it already puts a business owner in a time crunch. Because of that time crunch, they may end up hiring someone who is not the best fit for their organization, simply because they want to avoid being short staffed. However, entrepreneurs should understand that hiring the wrong people is motivational and unfair to the right ones. Not only can the wrong people do poor work for the entrepreneur, it can also drive away from the best employees as well.

In order to avoid this, Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that entrepreneurs implement group interviews in their business. Rather than waiting until they have a spot to fill in their business, a business owner will create a time block every single week at the same time on the same day for a group interviews. They will have an ad running, and for every applicant, they will get sent an invitation to one of the group interview timeslots. Depending on how many people apply each week, and then show up for the group interview, an entrepreneur can meet one or even as many as twenty potential employees every single week.

Many entrepreneurs wonder about the wisdom behind looking for people when they do not have a job opening. Edmonton bookkeeping says that this is important because as long as a business needs people, they are going to have a need to replace those people. Employees get sick or injured, they retire, have kids, or have spouses that get job opportunities in different cities. Even the best employees with the most positive relationship with their employer might leave the organization for a variety of different reasons. Because an employee leaves the organization when the timing is best for them, an entrepreneur needs to be ready for that eventuality.

Once an entrepreneur has identified the people that they are interested in from the group interview, the best way to ensure that they know if they are going to be a great fit for their organization is to bring them in to job shadow. This way, an entrepreneur is going to be able to see the candidateís personality, work ethic as well as skill. This is the best way that a business owner is going to be able to tell if a potential employee will fit in with their organization.

By implementing group interviews in their business, entrepreneurs can increase the chances of ensuring they have the best fit identified for their organization when they need to hire new employees. This can save significant amounts of time not just the hiring process, but from when an employee gives notice, when a business owner can have that position filled.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Hiring The Best Fit For Business

The reason why many entrepreneurs still are using conventional interview methods says Edmonton bookkeeping, is because they are not aware of any alternatives. Many entrepreneurs do not understand that there is a different way of hiring people other than reading resumes, and doing interviews one-on-one. Not only is this inefficient, but it does not help an entrepreneur meet enough people in order to find the right fit for their business. Studies have shown that entrepreneurs need to meet at least one hundred people before they find someone who will be a great fit for their business.

How can an entrepreneur overcome this problem asks Edmonton bookkeeping. By moving to group interviews. Instead of trying to read every resume, an entrepreneur has all applicants show up for a group interview. This way, a business owner can ensure that there seeing all candidates at the same time, which will help them identify the best fit. With traditional one-on-one interviews, by the time an entrepreneur has interviewed five candidates, they have most likely forgotten the first couple.

In the group interview, Edmonton bookkeeping says it is very important to read out the companyís values to all applicants. This way, a business owner is setting the precedent early on what is important to the organization. The company values should not be written in a way to appeal to everybody. The company values should attract the people that hold those same company values to heart so that they can be drawn to the organization. People who do not share those values will tend to take themselves out of the process. A business owner should avoid hiring someone in their business, only to find out later that they do not care about what the company stands for.

When the entrepreneur is asking questions to the candidateís, Edmonton bookkeeping says all they do is ask one question, and the same question to each applicant. No matter how many great interview questions a company has, they should pick the one that is going to tell them a lot about the applicant, to see if it is going to be a great fit. Entrepreneurs should keep in mind what answers they would like to hear so that when an applicant answers that way, an entrepreneur can easily identify it.

Entrepreneurs may find that they do not find any candidates at some group interview sessions, and that is okay. The goal is not to try to make all applicant’s fitness, that identifies the ones who would be the absolute best fit for the organization. Even if a company is not hiring, they can identify who would be the best fit, so that they can develop a pool of great candidateís for that eventuality that they have a job opening in their organization.