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One of the most significant challenges that an entrepreneur will face in Canada is not being able to find the right team says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, 23% of all entrepreneurs that have failed in business has said that one of the reasons why their business failed was because they were unable to hire the right people for their organization. It is one of the top three reasons why businesses fail, and if entrepreneurs can implement some effective hiring strategies in their business, they will be more likely to avoid this reason for business failure and be more likely to succeed.

Typically, small business owners do not start looking for new employees until when of their current employees gives them to notice. This puts an entrepreneur under pressure to not only do their job, but find a replacement for their employee. This time pressure means that entrepreneurs have to find someone within a certain time period, or they will be understaffed. Edmonton bookkeeping says the typical way that entrepreneurs would higher, would be wait until they have a need, then advertise the position, read through all of the resumes and shortlist ones they want to interview, contact each of the candidates and try to schedule a time to interview them all, and then set aside an hour or so for each candidate. This can be a huge waste of time, spending hours reading resumes, hours setting aside time to wait for candidates that may or may not show up. At the end of the interview, business owners may not have the right candidates, but end up hiring someone due to the time crunch. This is a very inefficient way of hiring staff, and there is definitely a better way.

Rather than scheduling conventional interviews, Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that entrepreneurs implement group interviews in their business. One of the biggest differences between this and conventional interviews is that group interviews do not have to wait until an entrepreneur has an opening. In fact, the recommended way to conduct group interviews is to have a weekly interview timeslot scheduled for the whole year. An entrepreneur should advertise for staff year-round, and when they get people applying for the position, send them one of three group interview dates that has already been scheduled. There are several reasons why this is beneficial. Not only do entrepreneurs not have to waste time reading resumes, they do not have to try to contact each of the candidates and fit them into their schedule. They may have one or two people showing up to the group interview, or several at a time. If people do not show up, it does not waste the entrepreneurís time.

Since most efficient way of hiring a candidate for the position is to see a minimum of hundred people before hiring anyone, group interviews are the only real possible way that entrepreneurs can see enough people in order to ensure they have the right fit for their business. By scheduling group interviews, even if entrepreneurs do not have an immediate need, they increase the pool of people that they can draw from if one of their employees gives notice unexpectedly.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Hiring Strategies

Scheduling group interviews can be an efficient way of ensuring that an entrepreneur seeing enough people in their business in order to find the right people for their organization says Edmonton keeping. Since not being able to find the right people is one of the main challenges that entrepreneurs have in business, group interviews can be a way that business owners can find the right person, regardless of when the need arises.

Because entrepreneurs are not reading the resumes ahead of the interview, they should ask each applicant to bring a resume, their cover letter and some entrepreneurs can opt to have them answer a series of questions that they can bring on a piece of paper as well. This way, after the interview, the business owner can read the resumes of the once they are only interested in. With conventional interviews says Edmonton bookkeeping, it necessitates an entrepreneur to read all of the resumes that they see, regardless of how good they may be or not.

Some entrepreneurs may wonder what should be said in a group interview, and Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that they start the interview by reading the job posting, to ensure that everybodyís their for the right reason. This is because some applicants may be applying for dozens of jobs at a time, you want to ensure there in the right place. Next thing that they should do, is read through the company values. The company values should be polarizing, and not designed to appeal to everyone so that only the right candidates for the organization will want to stay. The people that are not a great fit for the organization will often lead themselves out.

After they read the values at a group interview, Edmonton bookkeeping says entrepreneurs should open it up for questions from the applicants. This is a great way to eliminate repeat questions that often have been in conventional interviews. Many candidates may have the same questions, or one question may trigger several other. It may change peopleís minds if they truly want to work at the entrepreneur’s organization.

At the end of all of the questions that the applicants have, Edmonton bookkeeping says best practices for the entrepreneur to ask the applicants just one question themselves, and to ask the same one to each applicant. While an entrepreneur might have ten or twenty great interview questions, they should ask only one, and make sure it is one that is going to tell them a lot about the person. The recommended question is asking them why they want to work there.

When entrepreneurs move from conventional interviews to group interviews, they are ensuring the best applicants are found, and that if they have the need suddenly arise for any new employees, they have the largest pool to choose from.