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One of the top 3 reasons why business owners fail in Canada says Edmonton bookkeeping is because they are unable to find the right people. In fact, 23% failed entrepreneurs say this is the reason why they failed. However, business owners need to understand that it is not because they do not know how to find the right people, or that there interview techniques are terrible. It is more likely that entrepreneurs simply do not have the time to meet the number of candidates required to find the right fit for their business. Studies have shown that business owners need to meet a minimum of 100 people before they can find the right fit for their business. Large companies can afford to spend the time doing this, because they have an entire HR department. Since new businesses and entrepreneurs typically are very short on time, they are unable to devote the time needed to find the right number of candidates if there using traditional interview techniques.

Therefore, how can business owners and up meeting the right number of candidates with their extremely short amount of time says Edmonton bookkeeping. The answer is group interviews. Not only are group interviews very effective at meeting a significant number of people in a very short number of time, but business owners can also save significant amounts of time by not having to pre-read and shortlist resumes, or sits on a one-to-one basis with several candidates that are not going to be good fit for the business. By meeting everybody in one timeslots, a business owner can make powerful determinations, especially when seeing all candidates interact with each other.

The first step to conducting a successful group interview says Edmonton bookkeeping is in receiving applications. Instead of reading through all the resumes, grading a short list of all the ones they want to meet, business owners should simply send all applicants and it invitation to the group interview. They should also ask each applicant to bring a copy of their resume to the interview along with a questionnaire, that has some common questions on it to help an entrepreneur be able to avoid asking the same question to everybody during the interview.

Many candidates will not follow the simple instructions, which can help a business owner determine who not to hire, because I cannot follow simple instructions. Also, a business owner will then take all the resumes for all of the people that actually showed up to the interview, because not all applicants will, and the only resumes that entrepreneur will read are the ones of the candidates that stood out.

Already, this saves a significant amount of time, going from 10 or more hours every single week to find the right candidate to meeting a significantly higher number and just one to 3 hours in a week. This goes a very long way in helping entrepreneurs start to meet a larger number of people, to increase their odds of finding the right one for their business. Edmonton bookkeeping says when entrepreneurs do this consistently and regularly in their business, they will be able to ensure that they are always on the lookout for the most talented staff that will be a good fit for their business.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Helping Business Owners Interview Candidates More Effectively

Many business owners struggle with finding the right people for their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. And while it is extremely important that entrepreneurs have the right staff in place to help them grow and scale up their business, finding the right person is difficult. Not because business owners are bad at interviewing people, but because the traditional interview techniques that most business owners know about are not effective at helping entrepreneurs meet the right number of candidates to find the best one for them.

Group interviews are not done by a lot of entrepreneurs, because they are unfamiliar with them says Edmonton bookkeeping. However, learning how to run an effective group interview is very easy, and can help business owners significantly meet the right number of people to increase their odds of finding the best one. When they get to the group interview day, all applicants that applied will be invited. Business owners might start getting nervous when they have received an extremely high number of applications. However, Edmonton bookkeeping says business owners should not be worried about that. Many applicants will not show up to the group interview, just as many applicants who were invited to a one on one interview will not show up. And the more people that show up says Edmonton bookkeeping, the more people an entrepreneur will be able to meet, and get to that number of 100 faster, to increase their odds of meeting the right one for their business.

During the interview, an entrepreneur will read out the help wanted ad, to ensure that everybody remembers the job that they are therefore, as well as help establishing the expectation of the business owner to their staff early on in the employer/employee relationship. The next thing that they are going to do says Edmonton bookkeeping is read out there company values. This is in hopes of inspiring the people that share the same values will indicate so in the interview process. Those that do not share the same values typically will not pursue the application much after this. It does not matter what the company values are, as long as they truly represent what is important in the business. Next will be the time where entrepreneurs will have all of the applicants ask as many questions as they want. This is important, as applicants need to be very comfortable about the job, and getting all the information they need in order to make their decision on whether this is a place that they would like to work as well.

After that, business owners will simply ask all of the candidates the same question: why do you want to work here? The answer that business owners are looking forces Edmonton bookkeeping are why they are interested in working at that business, what connects them, emotionally or otherwise to the job. This might show that they have researched company ahead of time, but typically able to show that they share the same values, and that they identify with the mission and vision of the business. This is less about asking them to say why they want to work in that industry, or why the location is convenient for them.

By learning how to do effective group interviews, an entrepreneur can end up finding the one candidate that is a stand out among the rest, because they will be more likely to connect on a deeper level with the mission of the business, meaning they are going to have an employee that truly cares about what they do.