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While many business owners think that which accounting program they use is very important, Edmonton bookkeeping says it can be much simpler than that. In fact, the most important things that business owners should keep in mind, is that as long as they are using the accounting software they buy, brand is not as important. By using the software, business owners will be able to get accurate financial information’s. Therefore, they should make the decision on which one has the most features that they will use, and is user-friendly.

The two most user-friendly programs currently on the market are QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online. Edmonton bookkeeping says that they are the most popular programs, because they are user-friendly, well established and have rate features and efficiencies built into them. Therefore, they recommend that business owners find out the differences between those two software and make their decision that way.

One of the first things that business owners should be taking into consideration, is that since QuickBooks online is an online program, business owners will be able to access that while they are off-line. Therefore, if they do not have reliable Internet service, or if they are in an area that is so remote that they do not have Internet service for periods of time, this is not going to be a great product for them to use. And QuickBooks desktop has a file that lives on a computer, so it is not dependent on Internet connectivity. However, if business owners want that occasionally, they can think about having a cloud, that they can put the file on when they need to share it.

The next thing that business owners should take into consideration, is that QuickBooks desktop is a lot more user-friendly when it comes to manual data entry. Therefore, if business owners have a lot of transactions that are manual, this may be the best platform for them. However, Edmonton bookkeeping says that if business owners do not have a lot of manual transactions, but a lot of transactions through their bank account, or credit card or debit machine, books online has a new functionality that can eliminate the need to completely for data entry.

Bank feed is the feature that it has, that will allow business owners to link their bank account up to the software, and every transaction that happens through the bank account will update the software in real time. Therefore, it does not only eliminate the need for data entry, but Edmonton bookkeeping says that it actually ensures that every time a business owner opens their software, they will have the most up-to-date financial information.

By taking into consideration the way they operate their business, how many people are going to be accessing their file and updating their bookkeeping information can help them choose the right software. Ultimately, how often business owners use the software is going to help them have the most up-to-date financial information, so whatever software they are most comfortable with is going to be the right decision for them and their business.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Helping Business Owners Decide On Accounting Programs

In order for a business owner to make a decision on what accounting software they like to buy for their business, Edmonton bookkeeping says that they need to take into consideration what they do in their business. How they except payments and do transactions. Also, how many employees they have, and if there using things like payroll software, if they have electronic timesheets for example. All of these things can help them make the right decision on what software is going to be best for them.

One thing that business owners need to take into consideration, is if they are already using a payroll software, they may want to use QuickBooks online. The reason why, is because it has the functionality to integrate with various payroll software’s, that increase the functionality of the program. Not only does it increase the functionality says Edmonton bookkeeping, but it automates a lot of payroll procedures, ensuring that business owners can get a lot more done, more efficiently, and more accurately as well.

Another great feature of QuickBooks online is that it also integrates with timesheet software. If the business owner is using an online app or a program to manage their employees timesheets, it can also integrate with QuickBooks online. This also reduces the required data entry that a business owner needs to do. And when it no longer requires humans to enter the data manually, it automatically increases the accuracy of that information says Edmonton bookkeeping.

Business owners also take into consideration the age of the software. While QuickBooks online has been around for twenty years, that is significantly less time than QuickBooks desktop says Edmonton bookkeeping. With how long the software has been around, it has less glitches and bugs, and requires less frequent updating to run smoothly. While QuickBooks online has a lot of great functions, it still needs a lot of updating and improving. Therefore, the less computer savvy business owner is, the more comfortable they may be with a software that does not require a lot of updates.

Also, business owners should take into consideration how many people are going to be accessing the files from multiple locations. While QuickBooks desktop is very efficient, it can be difficult for file sharing, and if the business owner wants to update it from different locations, or if their Edmonton bookkeeping company is going to be using the software couple of times a month in order to get regular intro financial statements, this may present a problem for business owners.

By taking into consideration all of the various functions and capabilities of the accounting software, Edmonton bookkeeping says business owners can end up with a program that is going to allow them the comfort to use the program more often. Ultimately, the more comfortable business owner is, the more often there that he use software and increase their chances of using that software while regularly, so that they can end up with more accurate financial information for their business.