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One of the great challenges of business ownership, is attracting and keeping great staff says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, it is one of the top 3 reasons why business owners in Canada fail with 23% failed entrepreneurs saying not be able to find the right staff being one of the main reasons why they fail. However, business owners need to understand all they need to do in order to keep great employees, is to build a culture that can help keep people happy. By keeping their staff happy, they will also be productive for their business.

In order for an entrepreneur to ensure that they are creating a culture that is going to allow employees to be productive, they have to ensure that respect is instilled first. How an employee year is going to do that, is simply by modelling the behaviour that they like to see. This means modelling the hard work even before they ask their employees to do that. If the employees see the business owner doing the hard work, and long hours, they will have respect for that business owner, and be more likely to agree to do some of those same things as well.

Another aspect that entrepreneurs can use in sitting a culture of respect, is not only by communicating their values early on, but modelling them as well. This means, being consistent, and ensuring that all staff know what to expect. By communicating values early on and often, as well as living those values, Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners not only understand what is expected, but will see those values being modelled as well. That level of consistency is important, especially as employees know what is expected of them, and they start taking up that behaviour.

And finally, that a business owner needs to ensure that they have a compelling mission. A goal for the entire business, to give every employee reason why they are doing what they are doing. It is incredibly demotivating to come to work every day, and not have a common goal, or reason why they are doing that. Therefore, having a compelling mission that everyone can work towards can not only inspire people to work harder, but work together as well says Edmonton bookkeeping. Giving people a purpose, and why they are doing what they are doing can encourage all employees, the matter what their role or task is to do it to the best of their ability.

Business owners simply needs to build culture of respect, values, and a common goal says Edmonton bookkeeping. This means deciding early on, even before they hire employees with that is going to look like. Then, they can build it into their culture of modelling that behaviour, and communicating it often. By the time an employer is ready to hire their first staff member, what they are doing to build the culture is already happening, and they can communicate that with their new employee early on. By starting early, business owners make it very easy for employees to see what the culture is in the business and they can follow suit.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Happy Employees Are Productive

Many business owners not only struggle with finding and keeping staff says Edmonton bookkeeping. But also, they are sure what they need to do in order to get their employees to work hard. Business owners are often surprised that their staff do not always like their job and quit. However, one of the biggest reasons why employees do not like their job and quit, is because they do not like their employer. Therefore, not nor needs to have a plan of what they are going to do to keep that from happening.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs need to keep in mind, is at getting their staff to like them does not count from avoiding conflicts, and getting into what they want. But instead, it is about setting boundaries, and providing an environment that employees will enjoy working in says Edmonton bookkeeping. One of the best ways that entrepreneurs can ensure that the environment will keep employees happy, is by giving them opportunities to learn and grow.

Not only is it important for entrepreneurs to give their staff an opportunity to learn and grow says Edmonton bookkeeping, but they also need to encourage those staff members to take those opportunities. While some employees may be discouraged or walk away when they are pushed, a business owner needs to understand that those employees are less likely to been the ones that will help them grow their own business. And ultimately, to have an employee walk away when it is time to grow as a person, is not the worst thing. A far worse thing, would be to not allow their employees to grow, and have them stay.

Often, some very surprising things can happen when they encourage their employees to grow. Not only are they happy, seeing their personal accomplishments, but they become happier and enjoy their work more, and therefore work harder. Edmonton bookkeeping says that growth is a huge motivating factor. Not only can they grow for themselves, but a business owner can start to see how that is positively impacting their business as well. They may find that with a staff for of great employees who are all going, a business owner can actually grow their business in new, unexpected and amazing ways. Edmonton bookkeeping says a business owner may be able to grow their business simply by supporting and encouraging their staff.

When a business owner pushes their staff to succeed, they become happier, and are therefore more motivated to continue succeeding and growing. Therefore happy employees and up being far more productive. Therefore, business owners should not be worried if they lose staff because they are being pushed, but they should be happy at growing a staff for of growing, motivated people. That is the way business owner should grow their business.