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As that they are not always going to have their staff liking them, to have a respectful workplace says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, it is very normal for disagreements, and headbutting to happen. However, as long as there is a foundation of mutual respect, that is not going to derail workplace. In fact, even a great employer employee relationship, where everybody likes people most often, disagreements are normal and healthy. Business owners should understand that growing their business without friction is simply not possible.

Therefore, it is very important that business owners do what they can to foster an environment of respect in their business. This does not mean that it is always going to be easy and their staff are always going to be happy, says Edmonton bookkeeping. However, if there is not foundation of respect, business owners and employees can get over those disagreements easily, and not let it keep them from being productive in their work.

One of the first things that Edmonton bookkeeping says a business owner should do in order to foster a mutually respectful workplace, is to simply modelled behaviour that they wish to see in their staff. This might seem over simplistic, but many business owners are not able or willing to do this. Expecting their staff to work harder or longer hours than they do. Therefore, for any business owner that wants to start the workplace with respect, they need to work hard as well. That means coming in earlier than their staff, staying later, and have a willingness to do the difficult jobs that nobody wants to do. When employees see that from their leader, they will be more willing to do some of the difficult jobs as well.

The next thing that Edmonton bookkeeping says it is a key to ensuring that they have a respectful workplace, is for an entrepreneur to write out a list of the company’s values. They need to communicate those values early, consistently and often. The ideal first place for employees to hear those values would be in the job interview. That way, they are hired with an expectation of what values they should expect from their staff as well as what values the staff should expect from the business owner as well. These consistent boundaries will help employees understand exactly what is expected of them, which can help them be happy and productive in their workplace.

Edmonton bookkeeping says the next step once they have those boundaries, is to hold all staff members accountable if they are not working to those standards. This may foster a bit of resentment at the time from staff says Edmonton bookkeeping. Mostly because people do not like being told that they are wrong, or they may feel pick done. However, when an employer communicates expectations, and then follow through and holding people accountable, that is going to foster an environment of respect. If an employee decides to leave because they do not want to be held accountable, then a business owner should understand that that was not the best fit their business anyway.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Fostering A Respectful Workplace

One of the first things that a business owner should do when they start their business, is make a plan about how they are going to attract and keep staff members says Edmonton bookkeeping. This is even important before they start hiring in their business. The reason why, is because great employers do not keep great people by accident. It needs to come from understanding what employees are looking for, and building a workplace that can help them achieve that.

One of the most important things that employees are looking for in a workplace, is the ability to contribute, and have their contributions matter. Edmonton bookkeeping says the first thing that a business owner can do to help inspire that, is to have a compelling mission of the business. It is not just important to say that they want to sell lots of product, but to have a unifying mission behind that can help all employees no matter what stage of employment there in have a unifying goal to work towards says Edmonton bookkeeping.

The 2nd thing that a business owner can do to ensure that their employees are being productive, is helping them succeed in their goals, and their growth says Edmonton bookkeeping. When employees are able to grow, and achieve their own goals, they become happier, and that can be a huge motivator. They are going to be less willing to leave an organization that is helping them achieve personal growth. And in addition to that says Edmonton bookkeeping, that personal growth can do amazing things for the business. Even helping the business owner grow their business in different and unexpected ways. Ultimately, a business owner should understand that by helping all of their staff members achieve greatness is a great way to help the business achieve greatness as well.

And finally Edmonton bookkeeping says that helping their staff succeed, can help them show their employees how their contributions to the team matter. More than anything, employees want to know that what they do makes a difference. Therefore, when the business owner is able to show their staff how what they do grows the business, and makes a difference, that satisfaction can be huge reason why they stay. Employees do not want to come into a business, and simply do a job. They want to know that they make a difference and they matter. Therefore, Edmonton bookkeeping says that when business owners are able to show that, either by setting goals for them to achieve, or showing them how the business is different in growing that can help employees have job satisfaction and want to stay.

Business owners should take a look at their own employment experiences, and consider it has made them happiest in their workplace. By building an environment of respect, growth, and achieving goals, a business owner can ensure that they are attracting the best staff and keeping them.