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The sooner that entrepreneurs learn how to read to their accounts payable aging summary says Edmonton bookkeeping. The sooner they will be able to learn how to catch errors on the same reports.

The importance of ensuring the accuracy of their interim financial statements. Will help entrepreneurs make better and more informed financial decisions in their business.

While this can help entrepreneurs understand how much money they have in their business. So that they can make decisions like can they afford to run payroll, pay suppliers. Or even purchase assets in their business.

As well, their accounts payable aging summary. Can help them understand if they are pricing their products adequately. If they need to minimize expenses or increase their pricing.

And can help them understand how much money they are making for each period in their business. With how big these financial decisions are. Business owners need to learn not only how often they should be pulling these reports.

But that it is equally as important to scan them for mistakes. So that they can ensure that these reports are as accurate as possible. Before they make decisions with them.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs should learn according to Edmonton bookkeeping. Is that they need to enter their invoices that they receive. As soon as they receive them. That way, they are going to be less likely to miss entering an invoice.

And that the invoices will show what the expenses are in their business during that period of time. This will help business owners figure out if they need to minimize expenses. Or if they need to increase their pricing in order to be more profitable.

The next thing that business owners should look for when they are reviewing their accounts payable aging summary. Or if there are any negative numbers on the report.

Negative numbers indicate a deposit has been made. Therefore, it will be very easy for entrepreneurs to verify.

If they have not paid a deposit. The likely reason why a negative number is a showing up on their report. Is because entrepreneur has entered the payment. And yet they had not entered the invoice yet.

Anytime business owner sees a negative number, they should simply ask themselves did they prepay something? Or are they missing an expense?

If however they see a negative number with a positive number in the exact same amount for the same supplier. All this means is that they have entered the invoice and the payment. But have not applied the payment against the invoice.

If business owners have any questions about entering things into their accounting software. Their Edmonton bookkeeping company will be more than happy to answer questions.

To ensure that not only are they entering things correctly into the software. But that they can ensure the accuracy of information they do enter.

By learning not only what these reports are. But how to read them, and what to look for in errors. Can empower business owners to have the best information about their business financially.

What Are Edmonton Bookkeeping Services for anyway?


There are many challenges that business owners face when they start their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. And while 50% of all entrepreneurs fail in business. The reasons why can often be avoided.

29% of all failed entrepreneurs say that the reason why they failed is because they ran out of money in their business. This is why Edmonton bookkeeping recommends entrepreneurs learn how to read and correct their interim financial statements.

Because using these financial statements to make informed financial decisions. Can help entrepreneurs avoid problems like running out of money. Because they are not spending money that they do not have.

Not only should business owners be able to read their interim financial statements such as their accounts payable aging summary. They should be able to know what to look for when it comes to fixing mistakes.

One way that business owners can scan their accounts payable aging summary easily. In order to look for mistakes. Is if they question any amount due longer than ninety days.

By looking at that column, and questioning any amount that is in that section of the summary is very important. Because unless a business is in extreme financial trouble. There should not be any expenses that outstanding.

And if that amount is outstanding. Edmonton bookkeeping urges businesses to pay it immediately. So that they do not and up upsetting their suppliers.

The reason why any invoices showing ninety days past due is typically a mistake. Is because an entrepreneur may have entered the invoice twice. Once when they receive the paper copy. And a second time when they received it through email.

Therefore, when they pay the expense, it will be applied against one of the entries. Not the other. Which will sit in the aging summary, making it look like an entrepreneur owes more money in their business than they do.

Or, an entrepreneur may have entered the amount incorrectly. They could have easily added additional figures when they are manually entering the invoice.

And when they make the payment, they pay the amount that is on the invoice. Showing that there is an amount left owing on that invoice.

Or finally, an entrepreneur may have received an invoice. And for whatever reason, there supplier voided that invoice. If an entrepreneur does not go in and void that invoice on their end.

Even though they know they are not going to pay that amount. It shows is outstanding on their AP aging summary.

Therefore, if a business owner sees anything that is over ninety days past due. That should be an indication to them and that there is an error that they can fix.

The sooner they fix these errors. The sooner they are going to be able to have accurate accounts payable aging summaries. That will aid them in making business decisions that can help them grow their business.

When business owners understand the importance of not just reading their summary. But reviewing it for errors. Can give them the tools they need to ensure the accuracy of their interim financial statements.

And the knowledge on how to use those statements to make informed business decisions. That can help them overcome typical obstacles that cause other entrepreneurs to fail.