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When it comes to business ownership, Edmonton bookkeeping says they’ve seen many missteps. Entrepreneurs often get into business thinking it’s going to be easy. But it actually isn’t. Therefore, there are several myths that many people believe about business ownership. That they should learn about before becoming a business owner.

One of the first business ownership myths is: does a product or service have to be perfect before selling it? Edmonton bookkeeping says a business owner should not wait until they have a perfect products or service before selling it. The reason why, is because the sooner a business owner can get to Market with their product. The sooner a business owner and start generating revenue for their business. The better position and entrepreneurs business will be in.

Also, not only does a business owner waste valuable time trying to perfect their product. They have no idea if the way they are perfecting their products is wanted by their consumers. Therefore, Edmonton bookkeeping says what they should do is take their product or service to Market. And then get customer feedback, and refine their product based on that feedback.

That way, when an entrepreneur refines their product based on customer feedback. They know that they will have customers who are interested in the final product. This is why it’s important to get to Market as quickly as possible. Especially since if a business owner is waiting for Perfection. They might never get to Market Before running out of all of their resources.

The next myth that entrepreneurs should not believe in order to be successful is: can a business grow forever based on word-of-mouth alone? While word of mouth is very beneficial for businesses. Because it means that enough customers believe in the product or service. And customers think highly of the business. That’s they want to tell their family and friends. While this is a great sign. Business owners should not plan to grow their business based on word-of-mouth alone.

The reason why customers shouldn’t use this as a growth plan. Is because in order for an entrepreneur to get enough leads in their business to grow their revenue. They would need to have thousands of word-of-mouth referrals. Since that is highly unlikely Business owners need a marketing plan alongside word-of-mouth referrals says Edmonton bookkeeping.

In fact, while word-of-mouth referrals are great. Google reviews harnesses the effectiveness of word-of-mouth referrals. And merges it with the effectiveness of online marketing. This way, business owners can let the word of mouth referrals on Google speak to every single customer that searches for them. In fact, 88% of all consumers look at Google reviews to make their purchasing decisions.

When entrepreneurs have enough Google reviews. All the people that are looking for business online. Will gain confidence in a business and decide to purchase from the business. Therefore, business owners should understand that word-of-mouth referrals are important. But an effective marketing strategy is more important.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Entrepreneurial Myths – How to Grow Your Business

Often, when business owners starts their first business says Edmonton bookkeeping. They believe in several myths on how to grow their business. Not only are these myths lined business owners. But if business owners believe these myths. Not only will they not be able to grow their business. It could put their business in Jeopardy of succeeding at all. Therefore Business owners not only needs to know what they should be doing to be successful..But also what they should be not doing as well.

One of the first business myths that entrepreneurs should acknowledge is false is: can they grow their business Forever on networking alone? Many business owners are understanding how important it is to do business face to face. And have heard that’s all they need to do to have a successful business is to network their business in person.

However, Edmonton bookkeeping says that while networking is a great skill to have. It’s not a scalable activity. And a business owner would not be able to grow their business based on net working alone. Because an entrepreneur time is limited.

It’s an incredibly effective strategy for business owners to use early on in their business ownership says Edmonton bookkeeping. Simply because it maximizes what an entrepreneur can do with their time. And allows them to Market their business for a little to no cost. This is why networking is important. But it cannot be an entrepreneur has only marketing methods.

The next entrepreneur myth that business owners should unlearn. Is: can entrepreneurs make progress in their business without friction? Again, Edmonton bookkeeping says the answer to this question is no. Because progress without friction doesn’t happen.

Since so many entrepreneurs fail, 50% of all business owners that start up in Canada will end up feeling in 5 years. business owners need to do things differently than many other entrepreneurs that are out there. Therefore, in order to do things differently. They’re going to have to insist on doing things the way that might make their employees, or their suppliers uncomfortable.

However, Edmonton bookkeeping says that by doing things differently, can often give entrepreneurs an edge over their competition. And give them an edge over what other entrepreneurs have done. And failed. There for business owners should realize that progress without friction is fiction.

Business owners also needs to realize that they will never be done learning. Not in their business and not in their personal life. This is a good thing says Edmonton bookkeeping. Because that means business owners will always get the chance to continually improve and grow.

They can learn from their clients, they can learn from their employees and they can learn from their suppliers. Once an entrepreneur feels that they have learned as much as they possibly can from their business. It might be time for them to look at other avenues. Because they may have reached their peak in their business. Hopefully however this will have taken several decades to get to this point.