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If entrepreneurs are not also checking errors on interim financial statements says Edmonton bookkeeping. They may as well not be looking at their interim financial statements at all.

The reason why business owners need to look at their interim financial statements. It is so that when they make financial decisions in their business. They can make good decisions. That can help them grow their business.

One of the most common reasons why entrepreneurs fail in Canada today. Is because they run out of money. While this is not going to necessarily help every single entrepreneur this problem says Edmonton bookkeeping.

Being able to see all of their financial statements. As well as being able to verify their accuracy. Can help entrepreneurs make more informed financial decisions in their business.

However, business owners need to know not only how to read their financial statements. But how to correct them. So that they are more prepared when they are reading the statements.

The first thing that business owners should do when looking at their accounts payable aging summary. Is understand the information on the sheet. On the left-hand side they will see a list of all of the businesses that they owe money to, within the current time frame.

The second column will show entrepreneurs all of the money that is past due up to thirty days. Followed by a column of all the money that they owe past due up to sixty days.

The column after that will show 60 to 90 days. And finally, a column showing all of the amounts that they owe over ninety days. After that, it will be a column with all of the totals for how much money they owe that supplier.

Edmonton bookkeeping says it is very important that entrepreneurs are looking at the column that is ninety days plus. Because these are often mistakes.

First of all, if business owners are owing money to a supplier longer than ninety days. They should pay that bill immediately. So that they can maintain a good relationship with their supplier.

However, the more likely scenario is that it is an error. That business owners should rectify, in order to keep their accounts payable aging summary accurate.

The error that it most likely is, is that an entrepreneur has entered the invoice twice by mistake. This often happens if the supplier gives the entrepreneur a paper copy. And then later sends them a copy of the invoice via email.

Or, another scenario of why this be an error. Is that the entrepreneur accidentally manually entered a larger amount than what was on the invoice. Therefore, when the entrepreneur enters the payment amount. They entered the correct amount. Leaving amount left owing showing.

Because of how often amounts that are overdue past ninety days. Often indicates a problem or a mistake. Entrepreneurs should pay attention to those amounts. So that they can fix mistakes and protect the integrity of their statement.

Learning how to read accounts payable aging summaries as well as correct mistakes on them. Is something that all entrepreneurs should learn early on in their business. So that they can start making informed financial decisions early on.

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Learning how to run a business can be very difficult when entrepreneurs first open up their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. Therefore, it can be very helpful for many business owners to learn what things they should pay attention to first.

While it can be very easy and the very beginning to keep track of all of the companies an entrepreneur owes money to. When they are small, and have a few suppliers. However this can get very difficult to keep track of very quickly.

Which is why entrepreneurs should learn how to create and keep up-to-date their accounts payable aging summary. This is a list of all of the suppliers that they have. And all of the money that they owe the those suppliers.

This way, by pulling this report before making any financial decision. Can help an entrepreneur understand how much they currently owe their suppliers. And when reading that along with their account balance. Can help them understand how much money they have to work with.

They can review the statements before deciding if they have enough money to run payroll, before they pay bills, and even for they make purchases. To ensure that they do not overspend. Causing them to run out of money.

One of the first things that Edmonton bookkeeping recommends entrepreneurs do, is learn to scan the report for negative numbers. While these do not always indicate a mistake. They are a good place to start.

The first thing that business owners need to learn. Is that a negative number indicates a deposit on the financial statement. Therefore, if they see any negative numbers, they can easily verify if they have actually paid a deposit or not.

If they have paid a deposit, business owners need to be very careful to also enter the invoice as it is created. So that they do not end up with a negative number, that does not get cancelled out by the invoice.

This is often easily overlooked. When business owners know that they have paid to the invoice already. They often forget to follow through with entering that invoice. And it will persist on the accounts payable aging summary. Even though it does not belong there anymore.

Or, if the business owner has not paid a deposit. The likely reason why this is showing up on the income statement. Is because they have entered the payment, but did not enter the invoice first.

Therefore, Edmonton bookkeeping says any time an entrepreneur sees a negative number, they should ask themselves if they paid a deposit or did they miss entering an invoice?

By learning to look for all of the different errors that could occur on the accounts payable aging summary. Can help business owners fix mistakes often. So that the accounts payable aging summary can be accurate.

By using these financial statements to make decisions. Can help entrepreneurs significantly As well as help their finances. And help them avoid making declares when it comes to their business finances.