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Business owners need to understand that one of their biggest challenges is going to be keeping the staff that they find says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, industry Canada did a study and found out that out of all of the businesses that failed in Canada, 23% of those failed business owners said that the inability to find and keep the right staff was the reason their business failed. And while finding the right staff is one challenge, keeping them is completely different. In order to keep the right staff, business owners need to ensure that they are treating them with respect, and setting expectations clearly, so that they know what is expected of them.

One of the first things that an entrepreneur can do to help set expectations is to communicate regularly and respectfully with their staff. Edmonton bookkeeping says that this might seem too easy, but many entrepreneurs are not having regular meetings with their staff. They might find that they are too busy, or that they set a staff meeting for once a month, and run out of time for it. But the more often they are able to communicate with staff, the more they will understand what the expectations are of them.

Not only is it easy to set expectations with employees when they are being communicated with regularly, but business owners can also use that regular communication to help them set goals, so that they can accomplish what they would like to in the business. It is also a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to correct behaviour that is troubling, but also to reward employees or thank them for doing a great job on things. The communication needs to happen regularly, and not just when a business owner needs to tell their employee that they have done something wrong says Edmonton bookkeeping. By having regular staff meetings, as well as regular one-on-one meetings, a business owner can ensure that the staff knows what is expected of them, knows when they have done something that is appreciated, and no when they need to step up their efforts.

A business owner can also be communicating their passion for the business as well as the mission and vision of the organization as well. A business owner will never inspire their staff to work harder than they do, but if they share the reason behind their passion, as well as the company’s mission and vision, that can be very motivational to a team. And when an entrepreneur communicates this mission vision and passion often, that can help motivate the team to work as hard as they can for the entrepreneur.

Business owners need to ensure that they are having regular communication with their team, so that the staff knows exactly what is expected of them, they can be rewarded for a job well done, and know if they have fallen short on expectations. Ultimately, one of the most important aspects of this regular communication is that it needs to be done respectfully, even if an entrepreneur is frustrated. By doing this, they can inspire their team to greatness.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Effective Methods For Motivating Staff

Business owners might find it very challenging to inspire their staff to do all of the things that they need to do in the business, if an entrepreneur is not modelling that behaviour first says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, not modelling the behaviour they expect their employees to take on can be incredibly the motivational for most employees. Therefore, an entrepreneur needs to be sure that since no one is going to work harder in their business than they do, that they work as hard as they can, and model that behaviour for staff, so that they are willing to work hard as well.

And while an entrepreneur will never expect their staff to work harder than they do says Edmonton bookkeeping, they can expect the staff to model the same behaviour that an entrepreneur is demonstrating. For example, an entrepreneur will never be able to get their employees to show up to work on time if they are never at work on time says Edmonton bookkeeping. Because of that, an entrepreneur needs to ensure that not only are they getting to work on time every day, but that they are at work early every day as well. If an entrepreneur is ever going to expect their staff to work late on occasion, they need to be first demonstrating that they are willing to work late, and that they do on an occasional basis, so when it is time to ask their staff to stay late, they will be more than likely to.

Is also important that entrepreneurs are showing the staff how important it is to meet deadlines. They are going to be able to do this, by regularly communicating what the deadlines that are impending are. And then checking in with each staff member, to ensure that they have everything that they need to complete that task on its deadline. This will give the staff an opportunity to talk to the business owner, and let them know if they are having troubles, or if they need something in order to accomplish that deadline. And most importantly says Edmonton bookkeeping, business owners needs to ensure that they are meeting with their stop and following up on that deadline, so that they can verify it has been done. When business owners fail to meet with their staff on a deadline on the day that it is do, it teaches the staff that they do not have to meet deadlines because it is not important.

Business owners need to understand that while they might feel like they are entitled to show up to work whenever they want, leave whenever they want, and take days off whenever they want. This is not possible especially in the beginning of their business says Edmonton bookkeeping, because their staff are going to model the behaviour that the business owner does. If they want to eventually take days off, and show up whenever they want, they need to first work hard, build that team, and then delegate those tasks to that team, so that they can eventually take that time off that they desire.