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No matter how many great questions an entrepreneur has for their one on one interview, Edmonton bookkeeping says one-on-one interviews are still inefficient. In fact, 23% of failed entrepreneurs say the reason why their business failed was because they were unable to find the right people. Since so many businesses have challenges when it comes to hiring staff, business owners should think about changing the way they go about finding new people.

One of the reasons why one-on-one interviews are so inefficient, is because it takes so much time, and does not allow an entrepreneur to meet very many people. In fact, the process actually keeps entrepreneurs from meeting all of candidates or even interested in the job. Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners first start this process by spending dozens of hours reading resumes, hoping to figure out which ones are going to be the best candidates to interview.

Studies have shown that in order to hire one person, as business owner needs to meet about 100 candidates. The one-on-one interview model pretty much guarantees entrepreneurs are not able to meet hundred people unless there a large organization and have their own HR department. Therefore, in order to help business owners meet the right number of people, they need to change how they interview.

Group interviews are far more effective, because a business owner is meeting multiple people at a time. Edmonton bookkeeping recommends sending all interested candidates an invitation to the group interview, so that a business owner can maximize the number of candidates that they are meeting. Not only do candidates often lie, or stretch the truth on their resume that they also tend to say all one-on-one interview what they think they want the entrepreneur to hear, rather than being their authentic selves. Group interviews are way to help get candidates to be themselves, so that a business owner can gauge they would be a great fit for the business.

In order to avoid asking the same common questions to every single candidates over and over in a group interview, Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners should have a list of the questions they want to have answers to the candidates ahead of time. By asking them to bring the question along with their resume can ensure that the business owner has the answers to important questions while also seeing which candidates are unable to follow simple directions.

Rather than trying to find a group of the most interesting questions to ask, Edmonton bookkeeping says business owners should simply ask each candidate the same one question: why do you want to work here? The answer that there are looking for is to find out why candidates are inspired to work for that company. Not why they want to work in that industry, or that they like the fact that the office is close to home. But by looking for candidates who are inspired to work for the business and for the entrepreneur can ensure that a business owner is meeting the candidates that will be mostly to help them grow their business, and be passionate while doing it.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Effective Interview Strategies

When an entrepreneurs learning effective strategies for group interviews, Edmonton bookkeeping says the least important aspects are interesting questions to ask candidates. In fact, there is one question that an entrepreneur should be asking in their group interview. The rest of the time, and entrepreneurs should be setting up the interview so that it goes smoothly, and that an entrepreneur will be more likely to see the candidates personalities shine out in the interview, so they can see who would be the best fit for their business.

In a group interview setting, even before the Interview takes place, Edmonton bookkeeping says thow well-written the ad is very important. A well-written add should inspire the right candidates to apply, and can eliminate the people who would not be good fit from applying as well. In addition to having a well-written help wanted ad, business owners should be sure to read this out at the beginning of every group interview. This will give a good refresher to all of the candidates on what the job is, as well as the requirements. But what this also does, is allows the business owner to set the expectation early on of what employees will be doing in the business.

When an entrepreneur starts receiving resumes for the job, rather than wasting dozens of hours reading each resume, and making up pile of those that are shortlisted, Edmonton bookkeeping says business owners should just send each applicant an invitation. While not every applicant that is invited will come out, that ensures that the candidates start to eliminate themselves rather than the entrepreneur doing it for them. This might mean that and every group interview, there may be a significant amount of people, but that just means that entrepreneurs will be able to meet that many more candidates, and increase their chances of being able to meet the right fit.

Not only is it important for entrepreneurs to read out to be help wanted ad the beginning of the interview, but they should also read out a list of the companies values. Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that the company values are written in such a way that they are somewhat polarizing. It should not inspire everybody to want to work for the company. It should in fact inspire the right people to work for the organization. While it deters the people who are not the right fit from wanting to proceed with their application. By being upfront on the companies values, those that are still interested will be able to fit in well with the company culture.

By helping business owners conduct better interviews, they can end up with the ability to meet the right number of people. This is important in ensuring that entrepreneurs can meet those who will be the best fit, and hire them in their business. By doing this consistently, entrepreneurs can overcome the challenge of finding the right team. 23% of failed entrepreneurs said this was the reason why their business failed, so entrepreneurs who can successfully overcome this, can increase the chances of their business thriving.