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While most entrepreneurs understand how important it is to have the right staff hired in their business says Edmonton bookkeeping, and maybe more difficult to understand how a business owner can go about finding those great staff members for their business. Most business owners find staff by putting a help wanted ad, receiving resumes that they carefully read through, shortlist, and call for a one-on-one interview. They do this not because it is the most effective, but it is typically what most entrepreneurs know. However, if they knew that there was a better and more efficient way to find staff, then they would be able to stop this outdated practice in favor of group interviews.

Group interviews are extremely efficient, not only because an entrepreneur is meeting a lot of people at the same time, but also because a business owner does not have to go through resumes at the beginning of the process and waste a lot of time. Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners simply send an invitation to the group interview to all applicants, and have a steady stream of people that they are meeting every single week. Since experts say that businesses should interview a minimum of a hundred people before they can find the right one for their business, this extremely daunting task is made easy with group interviews. While some weeks might only have two or three people, others might have a significant amount like a dozen or even more than twenty. Meeting a hundred people becomes a lot easier to do when an entrepreneur can meet at least a dozen every week.

The entrepreneur should be requesting that applicants bring a cover letter and their resume to the group interview, and the business owner will only be reading the resumes of the applicants they are interested in. Pre-reading resumes is not only a waste of time, but it does not give an entrepreneur a good sense of who the candidate is.

Not nor should also keep in mind that a group interview while it is a good opportunity for the business owner to learn about the candidateís, it is also an extremely good opportunity for the candidates to learn about the organization. If they read out there company values, that should help narrow down the search even further, by appealing to the applicants who hold the same values. Applicants that do not value the same things, often take themselves out of the process.

By learning how to conduct a group interview, business owners can ensure that they are meeting enough people on a regular basis that they will keep group of great candidates should the need arise in their business. Rather than trying to start the conventional interview process as soon as they have an opening, a business owner will already have great candidates ready which can help a business owner not only save time but ensure there making the best choice for their business.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Do One-on-one Interviews Work To Find The Best Staff

One of the objections that entrepreneurs have two hosting weekly group interviews according to Edmonton bookkeeping is the fact that they do not want to waste that timeslot every single week if they do not have a job opening in their business. However, there is many reasons why this is a much more efficient approach. Even if an entrepreneur does not have an opening immediately, a weekly group interview is still an extremely efficient way of ensuring they have the best staff in their business.

One of the first reasons why an entrepreneur should have a weekly group interview, regardless of if a business is hiring or not is because an entrepreneur does not ever know when one of their staff is going to give notice. Even the best employer and employee relationship is at risk of the employee leaving at any time. Whether it is due to an accident or an illness, a pregnancy, a family member getting transferred, even the most positive relationships could and at any time through no fault of either party. Instead of waiting for this eventuality to occur in their business, and then having to rush to find someone, if an entrepreneur has a regular interview slot, they are always meeting great people. If a job opening happens unexpectedly, an entrepreneur can already be prepared to fill it.

Another reason why a weekly group interview is efficient is that even if an entrepreneur takes one hour out of their schedule, every week of the year, that does not add up to a lot of wasted hours. If a business owner starts the conventional process whenever they had a job opening in their business, they would have to start looking, while trying to complete all of their regular tasks in the business. Reading resumes, creating a shortlist, calling applicants and organizing one-on-one interviews can waste far more time than a year of group interviews. And this method does not guarantee that an entrepreneur is going to meet anyone of the high-caliber the way that a group interview can, simply due to the sheer number of people an entrepreneur is going to meet.

Also, a business owner should keep in mind that the group interview will allow an entrepreneur to meet great people on a regular basis without cutting into the daily duties that a business owner has to do to run their organization. Through the conventional interview process, a business owner might take up a significant portion of their day looking for candidates, and not even being successful.

When Edmonton bookkeeping decided to move to a group interview process, they found that they were much more able to make better people more often, in a way that did not interfere with their ability to deliver high-quality products to their customers. By ensuring they always were fully staffed with great people, meant that they never had to let quality suffer in order to look for their next great candidates. Business owners who are serious about wanting to ensure they have the best staff should immediately implement a group interview in their business.