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Many business owners think that since so many customers are looking online for products and services that they need a website says Evanton bookkeeping. However, this is not true. And it’s not because so many people are having their online presence be a Facebook page either. In fact, business owners need to understand that while website can be a great tool. There’s things that business owners should be doing first in their business, before they build a website. Not only can business owners help themselves significantly by utilizing many free methods of marketing first. But these free methods of marketing will help a business owner create a foundation that is going to help all other marketing efforts be more effective.

the first thing that business owners should be doing is setting up a Google my business page. Especially for brand new entrepreneurs, this is just as effective as a website. Business owners 10 puts their location, their logo, pictures of their business. Edmonton bookkeeping says they can put things like their hours of operation, the types of services that they are looking for, and as long as they provide an address, they will show up in the map listings in Google. The map listings on the first page of the search results. And they will appear right underneath the ads that businesses pay for. Therefore, if a customer is looking for a specific product or service, an entrepreneur will be able to have their business show up in the Map listing and have a high chance of having a customer click on their Google listing.

Another extremely beneficial aspect of a Google my business or a Google Places listing is that business owners can start generating Google reviews as soon as it’s live. The reason why this is important says Edmonton bookkeeping, is that 88% of all consumers research businesses before they buy from them. And they use Google reviews to influence they’re purchasing decisions. If a business has less than 40 reviews, consumers lack confidence in that business, and often take their business elsewhere. The reason why, is because it can be very easy for an entrepreneur to get less than 40 fake Google reviews. But once a business has more than that, it’s generally seen as more legitimate, and can give consumers confidence to purchase from them first.

Therefore, Edmonton bookkeeping says business owners I shouldn’t even worry about creating a website until they have 40 Google reviews in their business. The reason why, is because even if they have a website that people are visiting. If they don’t have 40 Google reviews, consumers are visiting that website, and then deciding to take their business elsewhere. This can be a waste of the business owners precious dollars that they have very little of. And it can also wasting entrepreneurs money if they try to get on the first page of Google through purchasing Google AdWords. Therefore, by getting 40 Google reviews, business owners can have some free advertising, that will be the foundation for all other advertising that they do in their business.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Do Entrepreneurs Need a Website

While it is very important for businesses to eventually get a website for their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. It does not need to be the first thing that entrepreneurs are doing. In fact, websites can cost thousands of dollars, and business owners don’t need to spend that money just yet. They can save their money, and figure out who their ideal customer is, and what problem they are solving for those customers, so that’s when they are ready to create a website, they can clearly indicate that, and use the website to turn leads into customers. If they don’t know who their ideal client is, or how they solve that problem, then the website will not do an effective job of turning leads into those customers.

How a business owner can go about figuring out who their ideal and likely customers are, is by first figuring out how they are different than their competition. Edmonton bookkeeping says their competition might be other small business owners like them. And their competition can also be large corporations, or big box stores. All they need to do is figure out how they are different than their competition, and then pick a few of those differences to do extraordinarily well. For example, the coffee shop has a significant amount of competition. But perhaps there are no coffee shops that deliver, or that will do Custom Blends for customers, or that will ensure that they don’t leave a carbon footprint at all. By understanding what’s the differences they have are, and delivering those differences extremely well, they will attract their ideal and likely customers. The reason why, is because the customers they will attract our customers that are upset that they can’t get those services that they are looking for.

Once they start attracting those customers, they will figure out very quickly who their ideal customers are, and what problem they have that needs to be solved. Then, Edmonton bookkeeping says that a business owner will be able to start creating a marketing plan around that messaging. Figuring out how to reach more of their ideal unlikely customers, and giving a consistent message. Once those customers walk into their business, all they have to do is deliver exemplary service, and wow those customers. My only focussing on a couple of the differences, will make it far more easy for a business owner and their staff to wow those customers. a business owner should avoid trying to be everything to everyone.

Once they have figured out how to Market their business, then it will be the right time to create a website says Evanton bookkeeping. Until they have these things figured out, a website is not going to help attract ideal unlikely buyers, or convert leads into paying customer. Therefore, business owners needs to figure things out before they spent the expense of a website. The sooner an entrepreneur can figure this out, the sooner they’re going to be able to increase their revenue and find their customers. Since these are the top two problems that businesses in Canada face, it can help a business succeed by following these suggestions.