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Many business owners create gorgeous websites as soon as they open the doors to their businesses Edmonton’s bookkeeping. Because they believe it is vital for businesses to be online since so many customers look online for businesses. And while this is true, business owners don’t need to be creating a website right away in their business. Especially because great websites cost a significant amount of money. And business owners should not be spending money early on in there business unnecessarily. the less money that they can spend, will be the more money they are going to be able to utilize later for better purposes.

However, Edmonton bookkeeping says business owners may not understand that they can have an online presence without the cost of a website. And this is not creating a group or a community page on Facebook. While Facebook is a great sights, business owners should not start up by advertising here, no matter how user-friendly it is. Instead, business owners should create a Google Places page, or a Google my business listing. These are two different names for the same thing, I place on Google for business owner to create a web presence. The most important aspect of this says Edmonton bookkeeping is that itis completely free. It will only take an hour or so for an entrepreneur to set up, and it can help businesses have an online presence very effectively without spending a dime.

One of the best things about a Google my business listing, is that it’s going to allow business owners to start appearing on the first page of Google search results in the Map listing, which is right underneath the Google AdWords ads. And the second thing it does says Edmonton bookkeeping is allow entrepreneurs to start generating Google reviews for their business. The reason why this is important, is because 88% of all consumers look at a business Google review before they make their purchasing decision. If there’s not 40 Google reviews, consumers lack confidence in the business. Wednesday get two more than 40 Google reviews, consumers tends to have confidence in the business, and it will positively influence their purchasing decision.

Therefore, Edmonton bookkeeping says that if business owners create a website early on in their business, not only will it not be likely to rank on the first page of Google. But even if they are able to get on the first page of Google, and drive a lot of traffic to their website, if they don’t have forty Google reviews or more, they are going to push customers away, instead of converting them from leaves in two customers. Therefore, business owners should save their money, engage in different marketing strategies first including figuring out who their ideal customer is, and generating Google reviews first. And then, will be able to create a website when they understand what their marketing message is, and can convert those leads into customers.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Do Businesses Need to Be Online to Increase Their Revenue

While an online presence is important says Edmonton’s bookkeeping. The right online presence is important. Therefore, business owners can save their money by not creating that beautiful website just yet, because they need to do other things first to ensure that they have a stable Foundation to build the rest of their marketing strategies on, so that everything that they do will be much more effective. However, many business owners don’t know the first thing about online marketing, which is why it’s very important that they hire the help of an online marketing specialist, so that they can end up creating a business plan with a marketing plan that will work for them. It’s

Business owners need to realize that having a website is not going to guarantee that they’re going to get customers, because people are not going to be able to find them just by being in existence. Edmonton bookkeeping says many business owners make the wrong assumption that when they have a website, but it’s going to naturally appear on the first page of Google. However, it takes strategy and time for this to happen. And even if they use Google AdWords to in order to get on the first page of Google, if they don’t have enough Google reviews, those customers that they are paying for, will take their business elsewhere, resulting in an entrepreneur wasting even more money.

Therefore, business owners should save their money by not building a website. And save their money by not spending money on Google AdWords yet. Well these things are great tools, business owners needs to do some different things first in order to ensure that their website and they’re AdWords campaign is going to be as effective as possible. One of the most important things for business owners to understand, that it is important to get Google reviews. I once they reach a minimum of forty reviews in their business, the Google AdWords that they are going to guess we’ll be less expensive. Therefore, not only can getting Google reviews be free. But it can also help a business owner spend even less money on their marketing.

By getting a Google My Places page, entrepreneurs can start soliciting reviews immediately. They can start by asking their family and friends. But Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners should also come up with a script that asks their customers if they’ve been happy with the service, and if they would leave a Google review. They can even offer a percentage off their bill if they will leave a Google review, just to get to that important number as quickly as possible says Edmonton bookkeeping. Once they have 40 Google reviews, it will bolster the effectiveness of the rest of their marketing campaign no matter how a business finds those customers. Even if it’s a word-of-mouth referral, business owners needs to remember that’s their customers are going to be researching them online, and so it’s important that one of their first thing is that they do is get Google reviews in their business.