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Business owners who start their own business often have very little time, but even less money says Edmonton bookkeeping. Therefore, they needs to be very cautious about how they spend that little money they do have, and often have to leverage their own time to ensure that they can make their finances stretch as much as possible. However, many business owners often believe as well that they need to have a great website in order to start generating sales. This is not true, and it’s not even necessary for business owners to have when they start out. Therefore, they can save a significant amount of money that they can use for other more important things.

The first thing that business owners need to keep in mind is that a great website is not going to help them get sales because nobody will see that website. Edmonton bookkeeping says that many business owners think that’s just by having a website, they will appear on the first page of Google search results. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of strategy for a business owner to get on the front page. However, once they do it’s not necessarily going to guarantee that they’re going to increase their sales either.

Business owners needs to understand that 88% of all customers who buy products or services start by researching businesses that they are thinking of purchasing from online. one of the things that these customers are looking for is to see how many Google reviews the business has. If a business has under 40 Google reviews, that will influence their purchasing decision negatively. Therefore, if a business owner how’s a great website, but they don’t have many Google reviews, they can have many people see their website, but they are not going to buy from the business yet.

A much more effective use of their time As well as money is getting Google reviews before they start a website. They can do this says Edmonton bookkeeping by asking family and friends to give them a positive Google review. And asking every single customer that they have sold products to to give them a Google review. One effective way of doing this, is for business owners to come up with a script that they and all employees use to ask customers to give them a Google review. They can even offer a percentage off of their total bill if people will leave them a great Google review. By doing this, business owners will be able to get to 40 Google reviews much faster than if they are not putting the effort in at all.

Once they have 40 Google reviews, then business owners can start to work on online marketing including a website says Edmonton bookkeeping. That way, when they ranked on the first page of Google, and customers who are looking for that product or service clicks on the website, they will see how many Google reviews the business has, and have confidence to buy from them. Business owners who are not getting 240 Google reviews in their business should not worry about a website yet.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Do Business Owners Need a Website to Sell Their Product

So many entrepreneurs believe that having a website is a mandatory part of having a business these days it says Edmonton bookkeeping. So much so, that they will even write it into their marketing plan that they will have a website as soon as they open the doors to their business. However, business owners need to realize that just by having a website, does not mean anybody is going to see it. And in fact, having a website is not going to ensure that they are even on the first page of Google. Even if they are on the first page of Google, then they’re not going to generate any more sales for their business by having a website unless they have a minimum of forty Google reviews in their business first.

The reason why it’s important to have 40 Google reviews, is because 88% of all customers look at Google reviews to influence their purchasing decisions. Once a business gets 240 Google reviews, not only will the Google metrics start pushing them up to the first page of Google. But they will also find that they will be able to purchase Google AdWords for a much better price than they would before that. Therefore, it doesn’t make much sense for business owner to create a website that they won’t be able to get on the front page of Google as their first marketing strategy.

In fact, while good business websites will cost thousands of dollars. Creating a Google my business listing or a Google Places page is absolutely free says Edmonton bookkeeping. What this will do for a business, is allow them to start getting on the first page of Google immediately, in the map listings. As long as a business owner puts in a their address in their google places listing, they will appear in the map Results on the first page. Not only that, but they will also be able to start generating Google reviews as soon as that listing is live. Therefore the first strategies that business owners should be engaging in is creating this listing in Google, and then getting as many reviews as possible.

Once a business owner has achieved this, then they can start thinking about creating a website. But the thing about the website says Edmonton bookkeeping is that it needs to clearly communicate to their ideal customers, how their business is different than their competitors, and how it is going to solve a customer’s problem if they buy the product or service from them instead of their competition. Therefore, until a business owner has figured this out, as well as identified who their ideal unlikely customers are. Then there’s no sense in creating a website.

The purpose of a website should be to convert leads into customers as effectively as possible. Therefore, if a business owner does not have it figured out what’s problem they saw, who their ideal client is, or how they set themselves apart from their competition, it is not going to help them generate more sales in their business. A business owner is much better figuring those questions out, so that they can more clearly identify who they are, and what customers they would like to sell to prior to creating a website.

When a business owner understands who they are, and what they stand for us is Edmonton bookkeeping, they will be much more successful at selling their products and services. Not only that says Edmonton bookkeeping, but they will be able to deliver exemplary customer service that will impress their clients so that they will tell all of their friends to come see that’s business to get their needs met.