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Entrepreneurs should avoid the common mistake of thinking that they do not need to hire Edmonton bookkeeping if they have an accountant that there already pain. Both bookkeepers and accountants work on the finances of the business, but they do not work on the same things. An accountant looks at the finances of the business from higher up level, during the financial year-end, business planning and tax planning for business, while a bookkeeper organizes the finances of the business on a day-to-day basis, giving them interim statements that they can get an idea of the health of their business financials. Business owners should utilize the statements given to them on a monthly basis by their bookkeepers in order to make informed financial decisions.

Industry Canada says that half of all entrepreneurs fail in business before being in business for 5 years, and of all of those failed entrepreneurs, 29% said they failed because they ran out of money in their business. If this is owners are able to get better financial information sooner in their business, they may be able to make better financial decisions and avoid running out of money in their business and increase their chances of success.

Another way that utilizing bookkeeping can increase their chances of making better financial decisions, is by using the interim statements that they get from Edmonton bookkeeping. Business owners should understand what is on the interim balance sheet and interim income statement before they make any financial decisions. The reason for that is because the income statement also an entrepreneur what the money in the corporation is, and the balance sheet will show the current financial position of the business. Business owners should understand these reports in order to help make financial decisions. If an entrepreneur looks at the bank balance in order to make financial decisions, they may risk running out of money. The reason for that is because the bank balance shows what is currently in the bank, meanwhile the balance sheets will show an entrepreneur what the finances of business are once all the peoples that are scheduled to come out actually come out. It gives a business owner a better idea of what is going on in their business, so that they can avoid spending too much money and bouncing payments.

Since entrepreneurs often need to make financial decisions in their business regularly, regularly getting the interim statements from their Edmonton bookkeeping can help guide them towards making the best decision that they can. They need to buy an asset in order to place a piece of equipment or in order to grow their business? If they see their revenue is down, they may opt to not by that asset yet. They see that their revenue is down, then they may make plans to increase the revenue through advertising or sales calls. Any time a business owner can make an informed decision especially when it comes to finances, they can avoid making poor financial decisions in their business, which can help them avoid the reason why 29% of entrepreneurs failed in business.

By understanding exactly what Edmonton bookkeeping can do, business owners can choose to hire them in their business is set off depending on their accountant to do the things that should be handled by a bookkeeper. Not only can hire a bookkeeper help businesses to stay organized, but can also give business owners a better idea of where their finances are on a day-to-day basis, in order for them to be able to make better financial decisions. Since 50% of all entrepreneurs close the doors to their business within 5 years, 29% of those entrepreneurs said that they ran out of money in their business which is why they failed. only 11% of businesses seek professional help when they need it.

An important function of Edmonton bookkeeping is that it can give unto the first interim financial information about their business. The information that is available on an interim balance sheet is how much cash is in the business, all of the Accounts Receivable, the accounts payable as well as the assets. The income statements that a business owner gets in the interim from their bookkeeper have revenue, cost of goods sold, expenses and profit on it. Business owners should understand that reading the 2 reports together can give them the best idea of what is going on in their business. The balance sheet so business owner the current financial position while the income statement will show the business owner went money the corporation is making. For business owners to make any financial decisions in their business they should know and understand these reports.

The reasons for understanding these reports is extremely important, is when business owners are making payments. If they are counting solely on their bank balance to know how much money they have in their business, business owners may not be getting the full picture. The bank balance shows the money that is currently existing in their bank account, but the balance sheet from Edmonton bookkeeping shows an entrepreneur but the finances in their business is once all of the money that scheduled to come out has come out. If a business owner is waiting for $2000 payment to come out of their bank account, but they are counting only on looking at their bank statement to make financial decisions, they may see the bank having $2000 and it is a sign that they can spend money, just because that check to balance. By understanding that they need to review the balance sheet in order to make financial decisions can help entrepreneurs avoid spending too much money.

Business owners need to get into the habit of looking at their balance sheet and their income statement anytime they are going to make financial decisions in their business whether it is buying assets, hiring or laying people off, paying themselves or paying their employees, Edmonton bookkeeping helps business owners make the right decision for their business.