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Regardless of what business an entrepreneur is in, creating a time block to schedule is how entrepreneurs can ensure they accomplish all of the most important tasks in their day according to Edmonton bookkeeping. If an entrepreneur thinks they will be able to get all of the most important tasks done without setting aside time for each one, they may find that as hard as they work during the entire week, they will not have been able to accomplish everything on their task list.

An efficient schedule ensures that time set aside in advance for all of the most important tasks of the business, whether they are regular and recurring or not. Setting aside time for administration duties, payroll, doing quotes, as well as sales and marketing is vital to ensure each of these priorities gets accomplished. One problem that Edmonton bookkeeping found if they did not schedule, is as they got busy, they would stop working on certain priorities such as sales and marketing as soon as they started getting busier. This would result in the companyís growth stalling, forcing them to spend even more time on their marketing initiatives. However, once they created an efficient schedule for themselves, they ensured that there sales and marketing this consistent, and saw steady growth in their business.

They recommend entrepreneurs schedule concentrated work in the morning because that was the best time of day for focused work that required a lot of thinking. This way, a lot of important tasks could get accomplished, by working diligently and alone. Then, they found the most effective schedule for after lunch was great for collaborative tasks and client meetings. By adhering to the schedule, the entire workplace new that the morning was for focused work, and knowing there would be time to collaborate in the afternoon, employees would not interrupt each other during their focused work, meaning they could accomplish even more.

It is also important that entrepreneurs write a schedule that is designed specifically for them, not having a need to make each day look the same. Each day can have a wide variety of different tasks, depending on the business. There may be several tasks and meetings that happen weekly or even monthly, that end up causing the schedule to look different day to day or week to week. As long as all of the tasks that a business owner needs to get done are included in the schedule, that is the most important consideration.

When Edmonton bookkeeping moved to a time block schedule for all of their employees, they found that not only work efficiencies increased, but tasks were getting done to a higher level of skill, and they were able to get all of the tasks done that the business needed accomplishing. This meant that they could schedule even more, and bill more clients in a day, increasing how much money they were able to make. Not only did schedules allow them to get a better quality of work done for their clients, but they also grow their business and become successful.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Creating An Efficient Schedule

An entrepreneur does not have a schedule, and gets to work every day hoping that they are going to accomplish all of their important duties of the day without a plan, they may end up being very disappointed says Edmonton bookkeeping. Like Benjamin Franklin famously said, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Since 15% of all businesses fail in the first year, 30% by year two, and 50% of all businesses fail by their fifth year, many businesses should take the advice of Benjamin Franklin, and learn how to plan in their business.

Business owners think that simply having a to-do list is going to help them accomplish all of their tasks in their business. However, a to-do list without a plan on how to accomplish it is less likely to get accomplished, then a schedule, which is a calendar with all of the time set aside for important tasks. It has a time set aside for each thing that is on an entrepreneurs’ to-do list. Adhering to a schedule takes a bit of discipline, but once an entrepreneur learns how to schedule and stick to it, they will ensure that they have time set aside for all of the important things that need to get done.

Not only is a schedule extremely important for ensuring that there is a time set aside for each task since an efficient schedule starts with the time an entrepreneur gets to work and has them working on improving priorities right away, it is easier for an entrepreneur to avoid getting into the trap of checking their email as the first thing to do. Entrepreneurs that do this say Edmonton bookkeeping end up doing what they call working out of their inbox, meaning they keep responding to each of the emails, and as they get through their inbox, or emails arrive, and an entrepreneur spend their entire day not getting any of their important tasks done.

These went so important for entrepreneurs to avoid working under their inbox that way says Edmonton bookkeeping, is because it can consume an entrepreneurs entire day. While the email list might look extremely urgent, none of the tasks in an entrepreneur’s email is going to help them grow the business. Therefore, it is very important that business owners learn that they need to work on the priorities that are going to help them grow their business, rather than working out of their inbox, which will not help them achieve that goal.

In addition to ensuring they have a regular start time, business owners also need to ensure their scheduling a break. This is very important to ensure a business owner is nourishing their body as well as giving their brain arrest, which will allow them to push through the rest of their day efficiently and effectively. Edmonton bookkeeping says that having time to stop work, is important, especially as many entrepreneurs will work through their lunch break regularly.

By ensuring they have a schedule that they stick to it is extremely important in helping an entrepreneur gets all of their priorities accomplished. Rather than hoping they are going to get everything on their to-do list done, they will have created a plan that as long as they stick to, allow them to easily accomplish all of their important tasks.