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It is not only important for entrepreneurs to review interim financial statements such as their accounts payable report says Edmonton bookkeeping. They should always be reviewing them just as regularly. In order to fix mistakes that may impact the accuracy of the statement.

Mistakes can happen very easily through human error. By forgetting to enter invoices, orentering invoices more than once. By entering the wrong amount on the invoice.

Therefore, it is not only important for business owners to review these reports. But know how to fix the mistakes. So that they can be as accurate as possible.

So that business owners can figure out how much money they are making per project, or within a certain timeframe.

And to help them price their products and services more accurately. As well as spend money better. By avoiding overspending money that they do not have.

When they review their reports, Edmonton bookkeeping says that they should scan the entire report, looking for any numbers that are completely round.

The reason why, is because round numbers typically indicate an estimate. And once a job gets invoiced, there are typically taxes that change the number.

So whenever a business owner sees a whole number on their AP report. They should review all of their invoices, to see if they received an invoice that has the accurate number on it.

So that they can ensure that when they pay that amount, they pay the correct amount, and the correct amount is applied to the balance. And ensure that the accounts payable summary is correct.

However, in the instances where it is not an error. And there is an actual invoice with whole number on it. Business owners can be certain that the number that they see is true, and that their accounts payable summary is accurate.

The next thing that business owners should review their report for. Are any amounts that are over ninety days due.

If an entrepreneur looks back in their records, and sees that they do own and amount over ninety days. This is an indication that they should pay that amount immediately says Edmonton bookkeeping. Typically, this is not the case unless the business is in serious financial trouble.

The more common explanation for amounts over ninety days due on the AP report. Is that it was either entered with the incorrect amount, or the invoice was entered twice.

Even if an entrepreneur received this invoice, but it was then voided by supplier later. If an entrepreneur does not go into their accounting software and change that. It will show as an overdue invoice.

Therefore, any amounts that are over ninety days due. Should indicate to a business owner that they should check for errors.

By going through their invoices, can help a business owner either or void incorrectly entered invoices, or invoices that were voided. Or can help them enter the correct amount.

Since a ninety days overdue invoice typically indicates a problem. This is something that all business owners should scan for first when they are reviewing their accounts payable aging summary.

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There are many things that business owners should be looking for when they pull their interim financial statements says Edmonton bookkeeping. Because these reports will help entrepreneurs understand their finances.

Not only can an entrepreneur understand how much money they have in their business. So that they will be able to spend that money more responsibly. Such as knowing that they have the money to run payroll. Or that they can afford an asset that they are purchasing.

And when it comes to their accounts payable aging summary. This is extremely important. Because it will show an entrepreneur how much money they owe their suppliers.

So that they can pay their bills in a timely fashion. It also so that they understand how much money they are earning per project, as well as in a specific timeframe.

Because of how important that is. Edmonton bookkeeping says business owners should not only know how to read this accounts payable aging summary. And understand all of the information on the report.

But business owners should also be able to know what to look for when they are scanning the report to find and fix errors as well. The pastor onto manures can fix these mistakes. The more likely their accounts payable aging summary is accurate and they use it to make those informed financial decisions.

One of the first things that Edmonton bookkeeping recommends entrepreneurs look for. Our negative numbers that occur on the report. Negative numbers represent a deposit. So this should be fairly easy for an entrepreneur to verify.

If they have paid a deposit, they will be able to tell right away. And if they have not, then they can look for the air.

What the error typically is, if they have a negative number in their report. But they did not pay a deposit, is that they entered a payment but they had not entered the invoice.

They can look back through their invoices, to see if there is one that they missed entering into their accounting software. And by entering that, in applying the payment against it. They can get rid of the negative number on their aging summary.

If an entrepreneur did in fact pay a deposit. They need to be very careful to enter that invoice when they receive it. Because many entrepreneurs forget to enter the invoice. Or they do not and the invoice, because since it has already been paid, they do not think it is important to.

And finally, an entrepreneur might see an negative number, followed by a positive number for the same amount for the same supplier.

This typically means that while the entrepreneur has entered the invoice and entered the payment. They have not applied one against the other and their accounting software.

Whenever a business owner sees this, they can quickly go into their accounting software, and apply the payment properly against the invoice. And see that those amounts disappear of their report.

Ensuring the accuracy of their accounts payable aging summary. Can help business owners make better financial business decisions.