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There are many things that business owners need to keep in mind when they start their business says Edmonton. And making the best financial decisions possible should be one of those things.

In fact, not only are 50% of all entrepreneurs out of business by the time five years has passed. But when industry Canada ask why those business failed. 29% of the failed entrepreneurs said they ran out of money.

Business owners can avoid running out of money in many cases. By learning how to review their interim financial statements. And make more informed financial decisions.

However, Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners will not be able to use their interim financial statements. To make informed financial decisions if they are not also reviewing those reports in order to correct mistakes.

When it comes to their a the summary, business owners often have a lot of questions for their Edmonton bookkeeping company.

That can help them learn not only how to read this important summary. But how to troubleshoot it for mistakes. So that they can use it in order to make more informed financial decisions.

The first questions that business owners have is how does entering expenses upon receipt of invoice. Rather than paying that invoice help?

This is an extremely important one. Because many business owners make that mistake of only entering their invoices when they are paying them. Resulting in an AP summary, that does not reflect how much money they actually owe their suppliers.

Business owners should get into the habit right away as soon as they start their business. Of entering their invoices into their accounting software as soon as they receive them. So that they can always know how much money they owe their suppliers in their business.

the next question that entrepreneurs often ask their Edmonton bookkeeping company. Is what is an account payable, or AP aging summary? Again, this is an extremely important question to ask.

Ultimately, business owners need to understand that this is a list of all of the suppliers that they currently owe money to. Organized by name of supplier, amount of money that the entrepreneur has owed them.

And categorized by how long they have owed those entrepreneurs money. As well as a grand total of the amount of money that they owe them. And a final total of the bottom, showing entrepreneurs how much money they owe in total.

The next question that entrepreneurs often ask when they are learning about their accounts payable aging summary. Is our round numbers an indication that something is in their accounts payable aging summary that should not be?

Round numbers typically indicate an estimate. And business owners often put an estimate into their accounting software. So that they have some idea of how much they are going to owe their supplier.

But if business owners do not fix that estimate. By entering the invoice total that they actually owe. This can end up having an inaccurate number in their report.

By knowing what to look for on their accounts payable aging summary. As well as what the information is indicating. Can help entrepreneurs understand amount of money that they owe their suppliers. And that can help them make more informed business decisions.

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There is a steep learning curve that entrepreneurs have to face when they open their business for the first time according to Edmonton bookkeeping. But what can help that, is learning how to read their interim financial statements. As well as how to correct mistakes that they may find on those reports.

Interim financial statements should be used, before a business owner makes any financial decision in their business. And can help them make the best decision. The looking at their financial information.

However, if they are not also reviewing this report in order to fix mistakes. They might end up making a financial decision. That is not as good as it should be. Because there were mistakes that needed to be corrected on the report.

Edmonton bookkeeping says by looking for common indications of errors, can help entrepreneurs fix those mistakes quickly. So that they can get back to making decisions in their business.

One question that entrepreneurs often have is why should they be concerned that amounts over ninety days are fictitious expenses?

The reason why business owners should be concerned about any amount that is over ninety days past due. Is because unless they are in financial trouble. And they cannot pay invoices in a timely fashion.

They should not have any amounts outstanding for this length of time. This is why it typically indicates a mistake. The mistake that it usually indicates. Is that an entrepreneur has accidentally entered an invoice twice.

Because that invoice has been entered twice, typically because a business owner has received a paper copy as well as an electronic copy of the invoice. When the entrepreneur has entered the payments.

The payment was applied to one of the invoices. Causing the other one to incorrectly continue to accrue in amount of days the entrepreneur has owed that supplier.

Another reason why an entrepreneur might have a ninety days past due invoice as an error on their accounts payable aging summary. Is because they entered the incorrect invoice amount. When they were manually entering the invoice into the software.

Then, as they paid the invoice. They entered the correct amount. Not noticing that there was an amount left owing on that invoice.

By noticing any amounts that are over ninety days past due. Is an indication to business owners that there might be an error says Edmonton bookkeeping.

Another question that entrepreneurs often have is should payroll corporate tax amounts be put into a separate account? Edmonton bookkeeping says this is extremely important to know the answer to.

That all corporate amounts should always go in their own account. Including federal, provincial and payroll taxes. As well as shareholder amounts.

This way, business owners will be able to look at their accounts payable aging summary, and understand how much money they owe their suppliers.

And then look at their corporate accounts, to see how much taxes they owe the government. It is very important that entrepreneurs keep the separate. So that an entrepreneurs can understand the difference between what is going on in their business. And what is going on in their corporation.

Learning how to read the accounts payable aging summary and correct the mistakes is an important part of learning how to make financial decisions in their business.