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Many business owners needs to understand how many entrepreneurs fail and business every year says Edmonton bookkeeping. Industry Canada did a survey in order to discover this. And found out that 15% of Canadian entrepreneurs failed with in their first year of owning a business. 30% of entrepreneurs failed within their second year of business ownership. And half of all entrepreneurs failed by their 50 year in business.

There were three main reasons why these entrepreneurs failed says Edmonton bookkeeping. They were not able to find staff for their business. They also ran out of money, and we’re unable to find customers. Therefore, business owners needs to understand that if they want to grow their business. They need to overcome these obstacles. And learn what business advice they should avoid because it won’t help them achieve success.

One of the first things that business owners needs to understand is when it comes to finding customers. They should not rely on word-of-mouth marketing alone. Many people have heard that word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways to Market their business.

And while we’re does mass marketing is great, because business owners get great feelings about how many customers love their business and want to share that with their friends and family. It simply is not scalable says Edmonton bookkeeping.

What that means, is that in order for a business to grow larger, all of the activities that’s the are using to succeed must be able to grow with the company. Word of Mouth marketing is not scalable. Because the leads that they generate for a business are inconsistent at best.

An entrepreneur will not be able to spend more money to generate more referrals for themselves. And despite their best efforts, might have many referrals coming in one month and none the next. For these reasons, Word of Mouth marketing can be a great supplements to an effective marketing plan. But cannot be the only method of marketing.

Something else that business owners to keep in mind says Edmonton bookkeeping is that growing their business based on networking is also inefficient. The reason why again is because it’s not a scalable activity. It requires a significant amount of an entrepreneur’s time. Or the time of an employee that they will send instead. While this is happening, the business owner or their employee are not generating revenue for their business.

Therefore, business owners may like to keep networking as an activity because they enjoy the connections they make. But it should be known as not an effective way to generate leads on a consistent basis.

Many entrepreneurs start with networking to grow their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. Simply because they need to utilize as many free or inexpensive marketing methods as possible. Because they will have little financing in the start of their business.

However, as their business grows, they like to keep this activity if they can. Because it got started. But it should be used in conjunction with all of the other marketing efforts outlined in an entrepreneur is a business plan.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Common Business Beliefs and Why They Aren’t True

Business owners often have a difficult job understanding the pieces of advice they get does Edmonton bookkeeping. If they are true, and should be followed. Or if the pieces of advice are terrible and should be avoided at all costs. When business owners learn about some of the most common business myths. They will be more prepared to be able to do things they need to grow their business.

One of the first things that business owners should keep in mind, is that it is never okay to avoid paying bills, payroll and taxes to increase their cash flow. And while when said that way, seems ridiculous says Edmonton bookkeeping. Many entrepreneurs are utilizing this method, simply because they don’t have enough money in their business.

They avoid paying the bills that they can’t afford, hoping that they will keep some money in their bank account. So that they have more cash flow in their business. But business owners need to keep in mind what happens in the following month. When they have even more bills.

Edmonton bookkeeping says that entrepreneurs need to understand that if they cannot pay their bills on time. That they have a revenue problem, and not a cash flow problem. Business owners can simply learn how to read their interim financial statements. And then use that as a guide to know if they have enough money in their business to pay bills. And if they don’t, what they should be doing to generate more Revenue.

Business owners can engage in collection calls to bring more money into the business. They can increase their marketing. But whatever an entrepreneur does, these revenue-generating activities are going to increase the cash flow in their business more than simply avoid making bill payments.

Not only will and entrepreneurs reputation suffer, and cost them business if they implement the strategy. But they are also likely to lose their staff, who need to pay their own bills such as mortgage. And they will also cause problems between themselves and their suppliers. Many whom are also small business owners themselves. Not even or should understand how devastating it would be to their own business. If their customers stopped paying in order to increase their own cash flow.

And ultimately, if a business owner stops paying taxes in order to increase their cash flow. The penalties as well as the interest charges they are going to get slapped with from Canada Revenue Agency. Will be so financially devastating, it will be difficult or impossible to recover from. Depending on what time does an entrepreneur doesn’t pay. Canada Revenue Steve will charge a 20% interest per day on the amount owing. This means that a $1,000 payment to c r e gets increased to $1,200 virtually overnight.

Therefore, business owners should learn how to increase the revenue of their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. Based on learning how to read updated interim financial statements. By doing this, they will be able to make more sound financial decisions in their business. And avoid implementing strategies that are going to harm their business in the long run.