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Entrepreneurs often need to take a paycheck when they open their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. This may be because they are the only one earning an income in their family. And they need to ensure that they are paying their mortgage and all of their bills. Or, they need to take some paychecks because they responsible for some of the bills in their household.

Regardless of the reason, business owners sometimes need to know how much of a paycheck they can take out of their business. And they need to start doing it immediately. And while it’s going to be the most beneficial for entrepreneurs. To take the least amount of money out of their business for as long as possible. The simply isn’t possible for every entrepreneur.

Therefore, they asked their accountants to help them figure out not only how much money they can take out of their business. But when they can start taking it out according to Edmonton bookkeeping.

In order to help them make this determining Factor, the accountant is going to needs to go through the finances of the business quite rigorously. In order to figure out if it’s possible for shareholders to start taking a draw from the corporation.

Not only that, but they will also need all of the shareholders of the corporation to disclose their personal circumstances. So that the accountant can figure out what’s their net worth is. So that they can figure out exactly how much money they absolutely need to take out of the business. In order to survive since Edmonton bookkeeping.

We will do this by calculating a personal balance sheet as well as an income statement. So that they can easily see all of the personal circumstances of each shareholder. By doing this, they will be able to make a much better decision on how much money they need to live.

How to calculate a personal balance sheet says Edmonton but keeping is by listing all of the assets that a shareholder owns, and is in their name. Epogen bookkeeping says this might mean their house or car. But it also could include things such as savings accounts, rrsps and tax free savings accounts. They might have recreational vehicles, or even second properties.

On the second half of the personal balance sheet. We’ll be all of the liabilities that the shareholders have in their name. They have a home, the liability might be the fact that they have a mortgage. If they have a car, they might have car payments. Included in the liabilities might be a bunch of debt such as credit cards, line of credit balances, and even taxes owing.

When an accountant calculates assets with the liabilities subtracted out of it. They will be able to figure out what resources they have at their disposal, and how much money they have to live on. If they can’t take a paycheck out of the business.

And well it’s not always possible for a shareholder to live off of any of their savings at all. in this exercise, entrepreneurs as well as their accountants will be able to see exactly what their personal circumstances are. So that it is much more easy to figure out the wage that they need in order to live.

Therefore, Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that entrepreneurs find a great accountant early on in their business. So that they will be more likely to be able to make a living wage much earlier in their business then they might if they did not have a great accountant.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Calculating a Personal Balance Sheet

Calculating personal balance sheet as well as personal income statement is a great idea for shareholders of a corporation says Edmonton bookkeeping. This is often done by the businesses accountant. So that they will be able to understand the personal circumstances of the shareholders. And how much money they might need to take out of Corporation. And when they might need to take it.

Wow many entrepreneurs start a business, not needing to draw any money from the corporation right away. But this is not always the case. And while a lot of entrepreneurs might understand that the tax benefits of owning a business. Are the most beneficial when they don’t take any money out of the business.

It’s not always possible for people to leave all of the profits in the business at all times. In fact, while the average Canadian pays 43% of their wages in a variety of taxes. And this is according to the Fraser Institute. By comparison, corporations pay only at 11% tax currently. And this is often a motivating factor for entrepreneurs to open their own businesses.

They can save significant taxes if they end up hiring a great accountant. And figuring out the best ways to get paid from their business. It’s typically going to be a mix of dividends and salary. But what that mix is is going to be up to the accountant.

Edmonton bookkeeping says the accountants goal is always to ensure the shareholders get the best tax benefits that they possibly can. taking everything in the salary is not going to be as beneficial. I simply because any money taken out of the business as salary. Will be subjected to the same tax rates of any employees.

Therefore, Dividends are often better. But Dividends are disbursement of the profits of the corporation. And Edmonton bookkeeping says if the corporation has not earned any profits. Then shareholders cannot take dividends either. because of that, it’s typically a mix of whatever dividends they can take. Plus whatever salary do you need to make up the difference.

Another factor that goes into this decision are the personal circumstances of the shareholders. So that’s the accountant will be able to figure what is the best attack strategy for them personally. Taking some money in salary so that they can pay some taxes can help the shareholder in the long run from having to pay additional taxes for not paying any trout beer in their income

the whole strategy is quite complicated. Which is why entrepreneurs needs to hire the best accountants that they can. One that can help them save taxes, while helping them get paid if they need. My filling out a personal balance sheet. As well as an income statement can significantly help the accountant. Understand what’s the financial needs of the shareholders are.

Therefore, in order to help entrepreneurs save the most taxes. But also get paid if they needs to. They should find the right accountant for their business. And entrust the decision to them. So that they can end up making sure that all the shareholders end up taking what they need out of the corporation. And making least amount of tax payment that we possibly can.