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One of the most beneficial things that an entrepreneur can do for their business according to Edmonton bookkeeping. Is to create an effective business plan. Not only our business plans effective at helping an entrepreneur crystallize what their business schools are. But they can help an entrepreneur formulate what they need to do in their business to accomplish those goals.

However, if entrepreneurs do not know how their business is different than their competition. It can be a lot more difficult to come up with a plan as well as a marketing strategy. Edmonton bookkeeping recommends business owners sit down and figure out what their differentiating factors are in their business.

Nobody knows an entrepreneur’s business as they themselves know it. Which is why this is an activity that only a business owner should do. They should do this before they complete their business and marketing plans. Because the differentiating factors not only can influence the marketing plan. It can also help Focus the business plan. And can impact an entrepreneur’s strategies and goals.

Sitting their own and thinking of all the ways that an entrepreneur’s business is different from the competition doesn’t mean thinking of all the great and Grand ways that the businesses are different. It can be a wide variety of things from branding and location to Individual Services that they offer.

Once an entrepreneur has their list, they should take several days to think about it, and focus on it three areas that they want to excel at. Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that entrepreneurs choose three things that they are passionate about. Or three things that they are excelling at. So that they can do these three things to an extremely high degree of Excellence.

Therefore, when they attract customers to their business because of the differentiating factors. The customers will get high quality service and products in those areas. And give them the wow factor they need in order to be a repeat customer. Give an entrepreneur a Google review. As well as tell all of their friends and family.

Once an entrepreneur has these three differentiating factors figure it out. They should talk to their Edmonton bookkeeping company and their accountant. And put these factors into the marketing plan and business plan.

In fact, one of the best places to put the differentiating factors is the business plan executive summary. The reason why, because even if an entrepreneur does not have the time to read through their entire 40-page business plan. If all they are doing is reading the executive summary. Edmonton bookkeeping says that can help a business owner stay on track, and remind themselves of what the most important aspects of their business is.

Once an entrepreneur has this in their business plan. Not only are they going to be able to go after their ideal and likely customers. But they will also be able to carve out their own business identity as well.

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There are many reasons why business owners should get a plan for themselves according to Edmonton bookkeeping. And as Abraham Lincoln, the former president of the United States of America was famous for saying. Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first 4 hours sharpening the axe.

This quote basically is saying they can only get done as efficiently as effective as the tools they have our. Business owners should consider that their business plan is effectively a tool in which to accomplish their business goals. And the better their tool is, the better they’re going to be at reaching those goals.

And one way and entrepreneur can ensure that they have the best business plan is to ensure that they have defined differentiating Factor says Edmonton bookkeeping. The reason why this is important, is because it helps an entrepreneur understand how their business is different from the competition. It gives them a marketing strategy as well as a business identity.

Business owners can consider several areas of their business that could be potential differentiating factors. The first one is Niche customers. Edmonton bookkeeping says this is focussing on a specific type of customer. And once an entrepreneur has a lot of experience dealing with that type of customer. They can become experts in helping that Customer because they know what they need. A great example of a niche customer might be seniors, single parents, people with special needs, children or athletes just to name a few.

The next thing that business owners can look at to see if that could be there differentiating Factor says Edmonton bookkeeping. Are unique features or quality of their products or Services. Perhaps an entrepreneur has developed their own software for the industry. Or have even developed their own tool. That would be a great differentiating feature.

They might insist on only using the highest quality materials to make their product. Or if they make food, only the highest quality of ingredients. Perhaps they have a warranty in an industry that doesn’t typically have them. Or if the industry typically offers a one-year warranty, the business owner has a 3-year warranty for example.

Another way that an entrepreneur can use differentiating factors is the location of their business could be considered a differentiating factor. Especially if the location of the business is particularly strategic. Such as a daycare that’s close to a place of work. So that all the parents that work in that area, will like the convenience factor of where the daycare is located. And the ability to see their children during breaks or lunch.

Another great example of why location can be a differentiating factor might be the business has free parking in a place that’s notoriously hard to find parking. Perhaps an entrepreneur has but their business close to an area that has other businesses serving the same types of clients. Such as a massage therapy clinic opening next door to a chiropractor and a gym.

Once an entrepreneur knows they’re differentiating factors. Not only will they have a business identity. But they will also be able to come up with a great marketing and business plan that can help them succeed.