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If business owners don’t have basic bookkeeping skills when they open the doors to their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. That’s something that they might want to consider learning as quickly as possible. This is so that they can understand some important aspects of their business. Such as are they pricing their products properly? Are they covering all of the costs from direct costs to overhead costs? Can they tell how profitable their business is, or if they need to increase their margins?

All of these questions that an entrepreneur might have in order to ensure that they are doing things correctly in their business so that they can make money. Are going to be much easier we answered if they understand some basic business financing. Instead of waiting for their monthly meeting with their Edmonton bookkeeping company or your accountant. To find out that things aren’t as perfect as they thought they were.

One of the first things that a business owner should do, is looking into what software they want to use if they’re going to start doing some of the basic bookkeeping themselves. Ideally, they will use the same software as their Edmonton bookkeeping company. So that’s when they’re bookkeeper takes the files, they don’t have to convert it into another format in order to use it. And then convert it back into the software that the entrepreneur uses.

Not only can that be time-consuming. But converting the file back and forth can increase the chances of mistakes happening. Which will minimize and entrepreneurs ability to have correct financial information in their business to use.

Chances are quite high that’s their bookkeeping company is going to use one of the most popular software on the market. Simply because that will help them appeal to a broad range of customers. But there’s another reason why an entrepreneur should use the most popular software type that they can purchase.

The reason for that is because if they ever want to hire an employee to help them with basic bookkeeping. They will have a better and easier time finding a potential employee who can use the most popular software on the market. Rather than one that is a little more obscure. Or, the choice of employees who know that an obscure program might be very slim.

QuickBooks Online is the most popular accounting software on the market today says Edmonton bookkeeping. And there are several wonderful features of that program. They’ve got the ability to link up to the entrepreneur’s bank accounts and credit card. So that as each transaction happens, it updates the accounting software in real-time.

The reason why that is beneficial. Is because it can minimize the amount of data entry that an entrepreneur has to do. So that they can spend more time on understanding the business finances. But also, that bank feed feature is also going to allow an entrepreneur to have more accurate information. Because it eliminates the potential for human error on entering transactions into the accounting software.

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something that can be very beneficial for all entrepreneurs to learn is some basic bookkeeping skills says Edmonton bookkeeping. This can help a business owner understand more about their business finances. So that they can make decisions themselves such as pricing their products appropriately in order to pay for all of their expenses. Learning about how to keep track of inventory, controlling costs, and understanding profitability. If they simply waited for their monthly or quarterly meeting with their accountant to understand those things. That could be one to three months of not pricing their products appropriately. That could put their business into distress.

When an entrepreneur is able to learn some business finance information. They will be able to effect changes and their business more quickly, increasing their chances of succeeding. For example, if one of their main suppliers suddenly increased their prices by 20%. An entrepreneur is going to want to change their prices to reflect that immediately. Rather than waiting three months to see their accountant. To find out that they’ve been taking a 20% loss on everything that they sold.

Understanding some various financial statements can be extremely helpful towards this end says Edmonton bookkeeping. Such as an entrepreneur balance sheet. This is the financial statement that tells an entrepreneur the overall health of their business. And they should be getting this report from their Edmonton bookkeeping company about once every two weeks.

they should review their balance sheets before looking at their other interim financial statement which is called an income statement. And it is going to list the assets, liabilities, and equity in their business. If the assets are larger than the liabilities, that means the overall Financial Health of the business is doing good. And if the liabilities are more than the assets, it will depend on why in order to paint a picture of the Financial Health of their business.

For example, if the reason why they have more liabilities in their business. Is because they’ve recently taken out a loan to buy a new office building, or purchase a large asset that’s going to help them grow their business. Then those things are helping the business grow and be profitable. And so they may not make the business less financially healthy.

The next statement that an entrepreneur should learn to read is the income statement. Which tells the profitability of the business in a certain frame of time. It does this by presenting the profits of the business in a six-month comparative statement. Which means each month is compared to the next, allowing an entrepreneur to see more easily. If they are trending up, meaning their business is starting to gain more and more money than the month before. Or if they are trending down.

This comparative statement is also going to help an entrepreneur see if there are any anomalies in the statements. That is, something unusual that only appears in one month. These can often be either mistakes and bookkeeping. Or, because something very unusual happened in that month, causing the numbers to look odd in that month but no other month.