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Many entrepreneurs struggle with finding the right staff says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, the failure to do so is listed as one of the top three reasons why Canadian business owners fail. It is incredibly important to have the right people in a small business, however many business owners don’t know the right way to hire the right staff. The system of finding employees is fundamentally broken, there for business owners should not stress about trying to ask the right interview questions, because the chances are they are not meeting the right candidates to ask those questions too. Instead, business owners simply have to change the way they are finding their staff in order to be successful.

Typically most business owners are finding staff my conducting one-on-one interviews. This is where they post a job listing, and accept resumes says Edmonton bookkeeping. Then they spend hours looking over each of the resumes in order to find the few people that they are interested in interviewing. Then that they will arrange one-on-one interviews with a handful of candidates, and to try to figure out who is the best fit for their business. This doesn’t work, because business owners needs to meet about a hundred people before they can find one good fit for their business. Therefore one-on-one interviews are fundamentally flawed. This type of hiring practice only works for large corporations, who are able to have a devoted HR department looking to hire people. Since small businesses are small, and they don’t have that kind of Manpower business owners needs to think of a different way to hire people.

Instead of conducting one-on-one interviews, Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that business owners simply host one giant group interview for all of the candidates that week. Miss Wayne, business owners are already saving themselves hours of time by not having to read every single resume. Since 85% of all candidates lie on their resumes anyway, resumes are very poor judge of a candidate’s ability to do the job well. Besides, business owners should look for the right attitude over skill. Because while business owners can always teach the right skill in the right employees. It’s much harder to teach the right attitude in their workers.

By having every candidate come to 1 group interview per week, business owners can meet all of the candidates whether it’s two or three or even 20 or more in the same hour. By meeting them all at once, business owners will be able to gauge the personality and attitude of the candidates by watching how they interact with each other. this is a far better way of choosing employees that are going to have the right attitude. it also means that business owners are going to be able to meet a significantly higher amount of people in a significantly decreased amount of time. And if anyone doesn’t show up for the interview, it’s not wasting a business-owners time.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Best Practices When Hiring Staff

One of the most important things that a business owner can do is learn a better interview technique when they hire staff says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, 23% of all failed business owners say the inability to attract or keep enough of the right staff members as the contributing factor to their failure. This means that business owners needs to change the way they find employees, so that they can be more successful and find a better quality person.

What are the first things that business owners can do is indicate the values of the company in the job description. When they advertise for the position, they should be upfront and honest about the values of the company. Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners should ensure that leave written up the values of their company ahead of time, and that they are somewhat polarizing. This is because the values of a company should draw all the right people in, and not draw the people who don’t share those values in as well. It doesn’t matter what the values are, as long as they are meaningful to the business owner, and are going to help the business owner achieve their vision and Mission in their business. Therefore, the resumes that they get should be by people who are holding the same values at heart.

When business owners are conducting the interview, they should also ensure that they are saying what the values of the company are again. It is often the case that people apply for a wide variety of jobs, and they don’t quite remember every job that they apply for. Therefore, by reiterating the values, business owners can ensure that they are being reminded of how the business conducts itself. Business owners need to also ensure that they are living the values that they say are important, because that’s is going to help drive home the point of how important to the values are to the employees. If they don’t see a business owner living the values that they say are important, they may not follow suits.

The next thing that business owners need to keep in mind is once they hire the best people, they are not necessarily going to keep them forever. The highly engaged employees, and the ones that do truly love what they do are going to stay with the business owner a lot longer than average. However, business owners needs to be aware that the average amount of time that an employee stays with a company is dropped dramatically in recent years from five years to 2.3 years. Therefore, business owners should be prepared to have a higher turnover in their business than ever, which is why it’s more important than ever they learn better interview techniques.

Business owners can significantly improve the quality of people that they get by changing how they interview. Edmonton bookkeeping says this is so important that it can make the difference between an entrepreneur succeeding in business or not.