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It is very important that entrepreneurs understand how to run payroll accurately says Edmonton bookkeeping. It is not necessarily the running of payroll that they need to do accurately, that they need to be able to calculate source that actions and remits them accurately. When on nor is are aware of what they need to do, they can create a plan that they can use in their business to ensure that they are doing it accurately and avoiding penalties and that they can hand that plan off to other employees so that they can do it accurately as well. As a zigzag were has said, when you stop planning and preparing, you stop winning. Having a plan in place to help ensure an entrepreneur is collecting and remitting source deductions accurately can help ensure that they can spend their time and attention on the strategic parties they need to focus on to grow their business.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs need to ensure that they are doing is calculating the right source deductions. There five component parts that business owners need to be aware of, and if they miss any of those components Edmonton bookkeeping says that they risk underpaying Canada revenue agency. The five component parts are income tax, CPP and EI for employees as well as CPP and EI that must be submitted from the business. If an entrepreneur is paying themselves a salary, they also need to be aware that they have to pay CPP and EI themselves.

By calculating the correct amount of remittances, the next thing that an entrepreneur has to do ensures that they are remitting the payment to Canada revenue agency before the fifteenth of the month after they ran payroll. Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that entrepreneurs actually submit their source that actions to Canada revenue agency at the same time that they run payroll. This may, they never leave it to chance that they are going to forget, or there is going to be a problem that causes them to not be able to file it on time. Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that entrepreneurs simply calculate the source deductions that they must withhold from their employees and their own business, and then remit payment to Canada revenue agency at the same time.

If a business owner misses the deadline by even one day, Canada revenue agency may hit them with a 20% interest per day penalty. This is huge and even larger than high-interest credit cards. Edmonton bookkeeping says the reason why this penalty is so high, is that business owners will be afraid of that penalty, and avoid remitting source deductions late. That is why it is important that an entrepreneur remits it at the same time that they are running payroll, they can completely avoid this issue.

When entrepreneurs are aware of how to calculate and remit source deductions accurately, they can ensure that they have plans in place to ensure that they can not only do it correctly but avoid penalties as well. This will allow an entrepreneur to focus on all of the tasks they need to accomplish in their business to grow the company, and so that they can hand this activity often other employees as they grow so they can scale up the business.

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Business owners should understand that Canada’s revenue agency views source deductions as one of the most important taxes that an entrepreneur must pay. Because of that, they are very aggressive in hitting penalties to business owners that are late, triggering audits when entrepreneurs dumping the right amount, and are extremely aggressive in collecting the money. They view it as a misuse of funds held in trust, and it is something that business owners need to be aware of in order to avoid.

Even if an entrepreneur believes that they are calculating the right source that actions accurately, they are not going to be told that they are paying the wrong amount until they file their T4 at the end of the year. CRA will be able to see the amount of money that they should have submitted, and that is compared against what they have admitted to Canada revenue agency. If the two amounts do not match, they may send a letter asking the business owner to explain why. Or, it could just simply trigger an audit that will be expensive, and time-consuming to go through.

There are several things that are not in our can do to avoid remitting the wrong amount and then triggering an audit at the end of the year. Many entrepreneurs want to ensure that they are not underpaying, so the number of source sections that they calculate, they end up paying a little bit extra every month. This will cover them for errors, and they will avoid having an underpayment when they reached the end of the year says I am bookkeeping. This is the strategy used by many entrepreneurs to ensure that they will have paid the correct amount by the time they file their T4.

Another strategy that entrepreneurs can implement when they are remitting to ensure that they are not underpaying schism ten bookkeeping is looking at the amounts that they should have remitted to CRA on their T4 slip prior to submitting it. If they are able to look at the amount that they have paid against what they should have paid, if they are short by any amount, they can simply make a lump-sum payment to Canada revenue agency prior to filing their T4 slip. As long as Canada revenue agency has all the money that they are owed the time this slip is filed, can help an entrepreneur avoid an audit.

By coming up with these plans strategies ahead of time can help not nor not only avoid penalties and audits, but it can ensure that even if they hand this activity off to an employee so that they can scale up their business, there still avoiding penalties and audits. This is extremely important and will allow an entrepreneur to focus on scaling up their business.