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Sadly, says Edmonton bookkeeping, there is a statistic, says Edmonton B bookkeeping, that says 85% of people are going to be lying on their resumes

Business owners are going to be spending a significant amount of time reviewing resumes of people that they absolutely no without a shadow adult that the not going to hire anyways.

It is gonna be a sad state of affairs that most business owners are completely going to underestimate the number of candidates that they need to see.

It is going to be a very sound consideration from Edmonton bookkeeping that says that you are going to have to see at least 100 people in order to be able to find the person that is going to fit very nicely and work very well for you within your small business.

It is gonna be the big companies that are gonna have an HR department who can meet people all day long and be able to hire and fire at will.

However, it is definitely not the small business owner who, assuming that somebody has left the fold, is going to be able to find some extra time to hire and train people.

Often what ends up happening is it’s never gonna happen in the best possible time for the small business owner area

As a matter fact there is no best time to be able to hire and train people if you’re a small business.

Often times there too busy supplying, selling, marketing, cleaning, etc. That is the life of the business owner not to mention the economics like bookkeeping and accounting.

Edmonton bookkeeping understands the fact that there is going to be the consideration where things about the jobs are going to usually be the questions from the candidates.

They are the same and you’re gonna be able to understand exactly what ends up happening for the gap for the big companies.

However, your bookkeeper states the fact that if you indeed want to attempt your very best at trying to get the best people from within your business, what you’re gonna end up having to do is go for group interviews.

Those group interviews are going to allow you to see as many people as you possibly can in as little time.

If you are going to do it in a independent, and individual basic, it is gonna be able to take you forever to find out the right person, and you are just not going to have the time with which you are going to be able to spend our over our listening to the same questions and giving the candidate this the same spiel as you do time and again.

It also understands that because you’ve got and set aside a lot of time the always bookkeeping interviews are going to start at 5 o’clock which is a perfect time because the people that already have jobs or are about to leave their job yet habit are able to make it.




Edmonton Bookkeeping | Never the Truth in Interviews

Edmonton bookkeeping understands that there is definitely going to be the consideration where the group interview is going to be in the fact that it doesn’t stand out and you are going to have to have a candidate that is going to rise above the rest.

They are going to have the smart questions, or they are going to obviously have the right demeanour. Or they feel as though they are just go-getters.

Often times what ends up happening, is a great idea however is that you haven’t necessarily read their resume.

What you should do is allow them to work through the group interview first and see if they are going to yet be are right match for you and your business and are going to continue on with the hiring process.

It is going to be that where you are going to make sure that you are going to want to consider the fact that within 15 minutes of people walking through the door, often times what ends up happening is you know right away that you do not want to work with them or you absolutely want them from within your business.

It is often not necessarily going to take a lot of the group interview to understand where they stand with you in terms of whether there going to get offered a job or not.

It is probably going to be the least amount of time where the interviews are gonna have the first part of the interview and 30 minutes which is definitely going to be wasted giving the same speech about the company and the job.

It is gonna be an overview where it is going to allow you to say a lot of predetermined speech over and over again, says Edmonton bookkeeping.

Therefore, it is not necessarily going to be the most effective use of an employer’s time, particularly when he has no time to waste.

It is often going to be the fact where the same things about the jobs are going to be usually such as the questions from the candidates are going to individually going to be the same, over and over again.

If however you have everybody in the same room all the same time, you are going to definitely be able to hear the question only one time and it is going to be answered for everybody at the same time.

Likewise, it is gonna be such where you are then going to ask everybody to ask one question, as a requirement for the interview.

If the person is already had heard their question, they are going to have to definitely think very quickly of a question.

Often it is gonna be such where you’re gonna want to make sure that it is gonna be very clear in the email that you can make it by hour before 5 o’clock because of 5 o’clock the door will most certainly be locked.

Punctuality is key, reminds Edmonton bookkeeping. Give us a call today!