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Learning how to properly and accurately track accounts payable in their financial statements is an extremely important thing to learn says Edmonton bookkeeping. Since many entrepreneurs struggle with understanding their business finances, understanding this, can help ensure that entrepreneurs are staying organized with invoices that they owe, so that they can make accurate and timely payments to all of their vendors.

An entrepreneur should understand very clearly what an accounts payable is, and how it looks on their financial statements says Edmonton bookkeeping. Any time an entrepreneur makes a purchase and does not pay immediately for it, this is considered a purchase made on credit, and is counted as an accounts payable. Entrepreneurs need to enter in the amounts that they owe vendors into their accounting software so that it can be accurately reflected in their business finances. Since this account payable is essentially a liability, entrepreneurs should understand how that looks on their financial statements.

The financial statements that will show the liability that businesses have, is the balance sheet. The balance sheet should show the assets, liability in equity in the business. They should review this report before making any financial decision in their business, in order to ensure that they have the money in their business to make that decision. There accounts payable is going to show up under the liability section of their balance sheet, is that when entrepreneurs are making their determination of the overall financial health of their business, they subtract all of the liabilities from the assets in order to get a clear picture of how their business finances are doing.

Because how important their liability is to their overall financial health of their business, entrepreneurs need to ensure that they are tracking their accounts payable accurately. Since the accounts payable of the business is a liability, it is considered a short-term debt, and will stay in the liability section for the life of the debt. Once an entrepreneur pays the invoice, it will leave the liability section, showing that an entrepreneur has less liability for that amount. However, entrepreneurs also need to understand that because they will have paid that invoice with cash in their business, the amount of cash that they have available will also decrease by the same amount that the liabilities decrease. I understanding how this looks on their balance sheet, as it has entered into their accounting software as well as how it leaves the accounts payable, can help entrepreneurs ensure that there keeping accurate track.

Helping entrepreneurs understand what an accounts payable is, and how it looks on their financial statements, can help business owners significantly enter in invoices into their accounting software timely. Therefore, any time they need to pull their balance sheet in order to make financial decision, they can be confident in the accuracy of that report. When business owners can do this in their business, they can end up with accurate financial statements on a regular basis, that will allow them to be guided towards great decisions in their business, as well as staying organized to pay all of their invoices in a timely manner.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Accurate Tracking Of Accounts Payable

It is not just enough that entrepreneurs understand what accounts payable are, how to enter the information into their accounting software says Edmonton bookkeeping. If they are not staying organized with all of their invoices, and verifying the accuracy of the information, they put their business at risk of paying invoices incorrectly, or paying invoices that were incorrect in the first place. In order to ensure that this is owners are keeping track of their accounts payable carefully, a business owner should went a system that helps them ensure the invoices that they receive are accurate, so that they can be confident when entering those invoices into their accounting software, and making payments.

The system utilizes three different reports that are generated from the vendor on an entrepreneur makes a purchase. They will need to use the purchase order, receiving report and invoice that they get from their vendor when they make purchases. The purchase order says Edmonton bookkeeping is a report that is designed to show an entrepreneur a list of all of the things that they have purchased from the company. It will have quality, description of the item, as well as a unit price. The purchase order should have a tracking number on it that business owners can use it as a reference any time they need to. Depending on the business, the product or the industry, a variety of other information might be included in the purchase order such as dates needed, contact name and phone number for example.

The second report that is important for an entrepreneur to get in the process says Edmonton bookkeeping is receiving reports. This will accompany the products that were purchased when they are shipped to the entrepreneur. A business owner should review the report to ensure that everything that was ordered was received. Partial orders will require multiple receiving reports. A business owner should keep all of these pages together, until all of the products arrive.

The final report that an entrepreneur will receive in this process is the vendorĂ­s invoice. It is important that an entrepreneur is comparing the products that are being invoiced to the products that were received, and the prices that are on the invoice are the same as the prices indicated on the purchase order. The invoice might have additional charges such as taxes or shipping, but as long as the unit prices are the same, and all of the correct products are included, business owners can be confident in entering that invoice into their accounting software is accurate.

By adhering to this system, it can help entrepreneurs ensure the accuracy of the invoices that they receive, especially when entrepreneurs have multiple employees at these different stages. By ensuring the accuracy of the information, can help entrepreneurs enter those invoices in promptly into their accounting software, so that their balance sheets can be as accurate as possible at all times. This is important for entrepreneurs to use when they make financial decisions, so the more accurate it can be on a regular basis, the better.